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Screamcast 50: The Phantom of the Nightcrawler

Brian Saur makes his triumphant return to the podcast as we explore two characters who will do pretty much anything to get what they want. First, Robert Englund attempts to depart from the Freddy Krueger persona in 1989’s THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Then, Jake Gyllenhaal turns in the performance of his career with 2014’s […]

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Torque Director Joseph Khan Wows With An Unofficial Power Rangers Fan Film!

Joseph Khan (the director best known for his batshit motorcycle-fu flick TORQUE and strange high-school horror flick DETENTION) has wowed with an unofficial Power Rangers short film that whets the appetite for a dark, gritty take on this normally violent-yet-kid-friendly property. It was directed by Joseph Kahn (Torque, Detention), co-written by Dutch Southern (Bad Turn […]

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Spacehunter: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone [DVD Review]

Until now the 1983 Sci-fi romp Spacehunter: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone has been highly sought out by a select few of us since it’s 2001 DVD went out of print. Thankfully, Mill Creek decided to make it available on DVD, but probably unsure of it’s stand-alone potential they slapped it onto a double feature […]

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ScreamCast49: Scary Afros, Scary Guns, and Scary Cars! (Blaxploitation, Part 3)

Brad and Sean wrap up Blaxploitation with a discussion about the sub-genre’s Horror entries like Blacula, Sugar Hill, JD’s Revenge and many others!

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Starry Eyes [Blu-ray Review]

Starry Eyes is about a struggling actress trying to make it in Hollywood. Audition after audition, she can’t get the part she wants until she comes across a role meant for her. She has the opportunity to work with a well-known production company trying to get back into the scene, and their debut film is […]

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ScreamCast48: Baadasssss Afros, Baadasssss Guns, and Baadasssss Cars! (Blaxploitation, Part 2)

We continue our journey through Blaxploitation as we look at the influence it’s had on modern filmmakers like Mario Van Peebles, John Singleton, Quentin Tarantino and others.

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Scream Factory Set To Release The Vicious Brother’s Extraterrestrial On May 12, 2015!

I was made aware of The Vicious Brothers’ alien flick Extraterrestrial during Episode 43 of our podcast since we were covering flicks involving aliens and alien abduction. Brad Henderson and our guest John Portanova had some great things to say about it. So, one evening I gave it a chance on VOD and immediately wanted […]

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Nekromantik [Blu-ray Review, Cult Epics]

What I found with my experience was that Nekromantic wasn’t so much a grotesque exploration in gross-out and sexual depravity. I found a misunderstood dark romantic comedy of sorts.

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Cult Epics’ Nico Set To Produce George R.R. Martin Property “In The Lost Lands” Starring Milla Jovovich

Variety is reporting that three unpublished short stories by George R. R. Martin are being brought to the big screen with some help from Cult Epics owner Nico Bruinsma and two other producers: Steve Hoban and Oliver Luer. Kirk D’Amico of Myriad Pictures is Executive Producer.

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Open Windows [Blu-ray Review]

Nacho Vigalondo is carving out a little niche for himself in the “kinda sci-fi, but not quite sci-fi” side of the movie spectrum. Timecrimes remains a favorite of mine but I’ve yet to see Extraterrestrial (I need to remedy that soon), and Open Windows continues with that idea. For all intensive purposes, Open Windows IS […]

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