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Disc of the Week: THE EXORCIST III

It’s been a hard go for EXORCIST fans throughout the years. After the original film arrived on the scene and delivered one of the most terrifying efforts in horror history, EXORCIST II appeared on screen and was instantly reviled. 13 years later, THE EXORCIST III came out to little fanfare and middling reviews following studio […]

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ScreamCast 118: In The Dead End Drive-In With Brian Trenchard-Smith

Brian Trenchard-Smith joins us to talk about Arrow Video’s fantastic release of DEAD END DRIVE-IN. We also discuss his career from BMX BANDITS, HAPPY FACE MURDERS to his newest film DRIVE HARD. Also on the agenda is our What’s On Your Doorstep segment and Josh Obershaw returns with Blu-ray News!

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Strangler Things

Okay, where to begin? The Greasy Strangler is the most unique film I have ever seen. I know, in theory, that something cannot be the most unique. My mother is an English teacher and she explained to me when I was young that unique is an absolute and can’t be modified (you can’t be a […]

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Phantasm: Remastered and Phantasm: Ravager Blu-rays Set For December 6!

We originally posted in August that the Phantasm: Remastered and the Phantasm: Ravager blu-rays were set to be released “Late 2016” but now have a definite release date. While both films are currently available via streaming platforms, the physical releases are schedule for 12/6/2016 according to

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Disc of the Week: THE PIT

Kino Lorber is a company that has been steadily putting out good Blu-ray releases for years. With their discs you can count on solid transfers and usually a few supplements. Some releases, such as their excellent QUATERMASS XPERIMENT and MIRACLE MILE Blus, are so packed with bonus features that they would be called Collector’s Editions […]

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DVD Review: Phobe The Xenophobic Experiments

$250 can’t get you a hell of a lot these days. But Erica Benedikty didn’t let that stop her from making a feature length Sci-Fi flick inspired by many ’80s era genre romps. Using $250 of her own money, friends, volunteers and donated items and locations, Erica pulled through with a feature length sci-fi film […]

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ScreamCast 117: Petey Wheatstraw and the Evils Of The Night

This week we get carried away with an epic What’s On Your Doorstep segment, followed by a dive into Vinegar Syndrome’s July & August releases! We discuss EVILS OF THE NIGHT, PETEY WHEATSTRAW, THE CANDY TANGERINE MAN and much more!

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Jim Wynorski Working On Blu-ray Release Of HARD TO DIE (aka Sorority House Massacre III)!

Jim Wynorski’s NC-17 straight-to-VHS flick HARD TO DIE (aka TOWER OF TERROR aka SORORITY HOUSE MASSACRE III) will be making it’s Blu-ray debut! Wynorski announced the news via his Facebook page simply stating “Just started workin’ on the BluRay.”

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The Case of 22 Neo-Giallos Laying In The Red Silk Midnight With Bloodstained Orchids and Laughing Windows

Giallo is a dying genre. It was never really successful by any means, but it did gain a huge cult following, inspiring countless filmmakers, and cinematographers around the globe. One of the main reasons the genre died, in my opinion, was because no one tried to reinvent it, leading to a constant barrage of black […]

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Pre-order Bloody Ballet 2″ Enamel Pin!

Designed by Omar Hauksson (@Oswarez) we are proud to introduce the 2” Bloody Ballet Enamel Pin (Inspired by a certain Dario Argento film poster). This pin is limited to 100. PRE-ORDER HERE! This is a pre-order, pins are expected to start shipping* early November. *Price includes shipping for USA only. International customers will have an extra […]

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