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Disc of the Week: ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 (1976)

There are certain distribution companies that you always keep on eye on. For imports from the UK it always comes down to two for me: Arrow Video and Second Sight Films. Now Second Sight may not have the monthly output of Arrow, but you can rest assured that whatever they put on disc will be […]

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BLOOD IN THE SNOW: Who will break the silence about 3 DEAD TRICK OR TREATERS?

Missing trick or treaters would set any town on edge. And with 3 DEAD TRICK OR TREATERS, with its world premiere at Blood In The Snow, sets us all on edge in a twisted collection of tales. Pieced together by Torin Langen’s short films, we get a unique look at the horror anthology. (more…)

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BLOOD IN THE SNOW 2016: Does this writer find bloody creation in INSPIRATION?

A person’s creative muse can come from anywhere. From someone they hold dear in their life, to a piece of music that strikes them the right way. When one finds themselves needing to find that muse, one can get a little desperate in hopes that creative spark will appear. The lucky ones see that spark […]

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The Silly, Seriously Stupid Brilliance of Joe Dante’s Gremlins 2

Ah, Joe Dante, you crazy, beautiful man, you. The truth is: I love this guy. He is responsible for several favorite movies of mine: The ‘Burbs (which, if we were doing underrated 80s films instead of the 90s here, would probably be first on the list, followed by Clue), the original Howling, and the neglected […]

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BLOOD IN THE SNOW 2016: Get drawn in with 24X36

In a booming collectibles world, one market that has sprung up and helped trigger others as well, is the market of the movie art print. in 24X36, this documentary covers the beginning of the trend, it’s history based off of classically drawn movie posters, and both the artists and collectors of the scene. And in […]

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BLOOD IN THE SNOW 2016: Love takes a deadly turn with CAPTURE KILL RELEASE

Couples do a lot to bond themselves together. Some like to go camping, white water rapids rafting, even sky diving. But how far would you go to declare your love for your partner when they want to plan a murder together? At its Toronto premiere at Blood In The Snow Film Festival, CAPTURE KILL RELEASE […]

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2016 Vinegar Syndrome Black Friday Buyer’s Guide

Each year during Black Friday, Vinegar Syndrome does a huge sale on their catalogue and they always have something up their sleeves. They have killer deals on their back catalogue, Exploitation TV, Limited Edition films, and most of all their monthly packages. Needless to say, there is something in there for any film fanatic.

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ScreamCast 120: Burial Grounds, Parking Garages & Fake Pet Snakes

This week Sean and Brad discuss Severin’s release of BURIAL GROUND: THE NIGHT OF TERROR (1981). Also, we bring back two favorite segments: Stream Screams & VHS: OH MY GOD!

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THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD is one of my favorite horror films of all time. Top 5. Top 2 probably. In fact, it was my first Disc of the Week ever last July. Unfortunately the series has been a bumpy road to travel ever since. PART II scrubbed the series of its nihilistic punk […]

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Vinegar Syndrome Having a Black Friday Weekend Sale!

  The Holiday shopping season is practically upon us. The zombie apocalypse of retail known as Black Friday is next week, and our sponsor, Vinegar Syndrome, is having a Black Friday weekend sale, which will run November 25th to the November 28th. We’ve already reported on the show that the label will be offering an exclusive […]

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