I’ve been renting videos since I was little. My mom would let me rent pretty much anything in the store, but when it came to watching it I had to close my eyes for any of the “no-no” scenes. That’s what my mom called them when I was a little kid and it still makes me laugh. I perused the aisles for hours and I had multiple video stores we would go to. When I lived in Pennsylvania there was a Pool/Spa store that had a video rental section in the back; I don’t remember the name of the actual spot. When we moved to Florida there was a couple mom & pop stores along with a Blockbuster all within walking distance from our house. When I would visit Ohio for the summer, there was a chain called Video Time that I would rent from every 2 or 3 days. That said, I spent a good amount of time walking the aisles and seeing plenty of cover art to embed into my memory. In this series I’ll share with you a ton of box art that I remember and grew old with.