Kickstarter Project Alert: WHATEVER HAPPENED TO ELISA LAM?


One of the freakiest stories in recent years has been the mysterious death of Canadian college student, Elisa Lam. She was found dead on the roof of the Cecil Hotel (now called Stay on Main), a building in downtown Los Angeles, which, for decades, has had a grim reputation, and you can read all about that here. What made this story chilling was the surveillance video that surfaced and went viral online that showed Lam seemingly acting weird, as if she was hiding from someone or something following her.

And now, there is a Kickstarter campaign to create a documentary about this strange case.

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO ELISA LAM? is a feature-length documentary that will explore the mysterious case of a young woman who was found dead on the roof of an infamous hotel in 2012. The film will trace three competing narratives that seek to explain what happened: the police and those who believe Elisa died from a tragic accident resulting from bipolar disorder; web sleuths, friends, and conspiracists who believe Elisa was murdered; and paranormal experts who suggest Elisa was possessed by a dark force from the Cecil Hotel’s past. At the heart of the film remains the pulse of a creative but deeply troubled young woman whose online writings and struggle against depression continue to resonate with thousands of people across the world.

The case defies conventional categorization. Is it a true crime mystery? A profile of mental illness? A paranormal investigation? Or all three… The Elisa Lam case transcends all labels and becomes a Rorschach test for the 21st-century mind – everyone who looks at it sees something different.

The documentary will be directed by the team of (fellow UC Santa Cruz alumni) Jake Anderson and Jared Salas ( Special effects coordinator and film producer Simon White, Jason Sussberg (docs THE IMMORTALISTS and BILL NYE: SCIENCE GUY), Patrick Brice (writer/director of CREEP), and (CREEP editor) Chris Donlon are listed as Producers.

Some of the rewards for making a pledge include: streaming the film before it hits VOD platforms ($15), a copy of the film’s soundtrack (composed by Salas, $30), Blu-ray of the film ($45), a Thank You in the credits ($50), Blu-ray/”Haunted Los Angeles” t-shirt package ($65), and much more!

If you want to know more about this project, the perks, and want to contribute to getting the film made, visit the Kickstarter page of WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO ELISA LAM?

The campaign ends on March 28th.


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    This coincidence in the case is unbelievable –

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