What makes a midnight movie? I’ve been doing festivals for a while now and have done plenty of midnight films in my day. Good midnight movies are important because we are tired as fuck and we need something to keep us awake and feeling energized.

As a festival goer and a movie lover, I want it to be either insane, weird, violent, or scary for a midnight film. Midnight movies somewhat get a free pass because we aren’t looking for a film on a Citizen Kane level. We aren’t looking for something that will revolutionize cinema, we just want it to be entertaining and fun. Not every film needs to be on a Criterion playing field. It’s ok to have a goofy movie play at your festival.

During SXSW, I had the pleasure of seeing GAME OF DEATH. Holy shit. This is by far the most fun I’ve had in a while at a midnight since DEATHGASM, THE GREASY STRANGLER, and TURBO KID. GAME OF DEATH has everything a midnight movie needs. It has a crazy plot, characters that you want to see die, plenty of death, PRACTICAL EFFECTS (thank you), and it’s under 80 minutes.

Seven friends are having a party at someone’s house and while they have sex, do drugs, drink, and be idiots. They stumble across a game called Game Of Death, they “kind of” read the instruction manual and quickly put their fingers on the skulls on the board and the game starts by taking a small dab of blood. Some freak out and others sit by and listen to the game. The game will spout off a number and that number is how many people have to die or be killed. That number is 24. The rules are simple; kill 24 people or the other players in order to survive. If you don’t kill, players will randomly die…and by die, I mean their head will explode. Once 24 people are killed, the game will end.

GAME OF DEATH has a lot going for it in terms of fun and gore. Some of the special effects are outstanding and the setup and execution are perfect for a film like this. I’m thrilled to be showing this to people in the coming years and I predict a major following from the underground horror scene and the mainstream one as well.

Thank you GAME OF DEATH, thank you.