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Kino Lorber Digs Up RAWHEAD REX for 4K Restoration, Blu-Ray/DVD Release, and Theatrical Re-Release!

I remember being about nine-years-old, and my dad rented a movie that I saw TV ads for a few months earlier. Judging from the promos, I thought it was going to be the gnarliest monster movie ever. After I saw it, I thought it was really, really lame. That film was 1986’s RAWHEAD REX, and it was the first time I was ever disappointed by a monster movie. I have not watched it since then.

Come to find out many, many years later, RAWHEAD REX was the first film to be based on the work of Clive Barker, coming out a year ahead of HELLRAISER. I ended up finding the original short story in Volume 3 of Barker’s BOOKS OF BLOOD, and saw that “gnarliest monster movie” in my head as I read it.

It seems, though, that the film version of RAWHEAD REX has garnered something of a fanbase among the interwebs people in recent years. Some are singing its praises, while some consider it awesome just for being awesomely bad. For me, I am very curious to revisit it to see what my reaction to the film will be these thirty years later. I didn’t think I would get a chance to, seeing as how a DVD was never issued in the States, and if it is on YouTube, it most likely looks like shit. Never in a million years did I think anyone would actually bring the movie out of obscurity and onto Blu-ray…

But that is exactly what Kino Lorber are doing!

That’s right, Kino announced via Twitter¬†they are releasing RAWHEAD REX on DVD and Blu-ray “in time for Halloween.”

The news doesn’t end there! Kino Lorber Repertory will be releasing a 4K restoration of the movie to theaters this summer!

No other details were revealed at this time, but you can rest assured we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one.

Yeah, RAWHEAD REX getting a 4k restoration, a Blu-ray, a DVD, and a re-release in theaters. Can you believe it?



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