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UPDATE: Cinespectral has cancelled this release as well as HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN.

We have a update on a much-anticipated Blu-ray set. Cinespectral has pushed back the release date on their Limited 3-Disc of 1988’s ELVIRA, MISTRESS OF THE DARK. issued the following explanation for the delay:

“Here is the new unfortunately delayed release date, as well as the explanation:

First of all the explanation of the problem which caused the delay:The mediabooks failed the quality check on two aspects. The first one was that the metal foil had minor issues on its outlines, which might have led to peel off effects on the white area which borders on it. The second issue was the glue which is used on the first two and last two pages of the booklet. Contrary to tacked booklets the bound in booklet is made in a different way. The first two and last two pages are a fixed part of the mediabook, while the remaining part of the booklet gets bound in. The pages 2 and 3 have a small glued area to the inside (approx. 5mm) and then the same on the end of the booklet. If you want to get an idea you should probably imagine a very thick magazine. It is pretty much the same, contrary to a thinner tacked magazine. Done right, the bound in booklet is much more stable, especially on a higher page-count.

We tried to figure a feasible solution with the manufacturer within the last two weeks to match the shipping date or a shorter delay. However this would have compromised the quality of the packaging on a high price product and caused negative effect on the customer satisfaction.

We want to provide a flawless product and exactly what our customers have ordered.

The only solution to get sure that this will happen is to restart production of the packaging. The needed steps have been taken to avoid the problems on the second run. However, the manufacturer wants to get sure that the metal foil issue does not re-appear which means that the templates take longer time and the usual time of manufacturing such a mediabook (4×5 business days = 1 month) has been increased to 6 weeks. The month of may suffers from several federal holidays across europe, on which (like on the weekends) production is paused.

So we decided to calculate a new date for the start of shipping, in which we added a buffer of approx. 10 business days on top to avoid further frustration and disappointments. As of friday we were aware of the new date and started to inform customers step by step.

The new release/shipping date is set to the 19th of June 2017.

There is a good chance that the products arrive earlier in our stock, but we now want to get 100 percent sure. If the products might arrive earlier, we will of course will start to ship earlier. But for now the new release/shipping date will be the benchmark.

The mentioned problems are beyond our control. At this stage, we can only hope that those who have eagerly awaited our release will understand the delay and can be rest assured that we will delivery an absolutely incredible product in due course. We apologise for any disappointment caused.

We are aware that customers who ordered the ELVIRA, MOTD Blu-ray Mediabook might attend conventions in the US and UK on which they planned to get the Blu-ray signed by Cassandra Peterson. We will provide an artwork-card (featuring the new Andreas Marschall artwork) as a pdf-file, in the exact size of one booklet-page, which can be printed out and get signed (depending on C. Peterson’s and the convention’s conditions for signatures) and later be placed in the mediabook. This file will be exclusively provided to our customers via email on May 1st. 

We understand if customers wish to cancel their orders, but again we appreciate the support and promise to make the wait worthwhile.

All questions and requests can be directly addressed as an answer to this email. Again, we are truly sorry for the delay and the inconvenience it causes to our customers.


your Movie2Shop support”

If there is anymore updates on this, we’ll let you know. If you still want to pre-order a copy, go to


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  • Mike · August 20, 2017

    What’s going on with the DVD, it is now August 2017 and u said probably June 2017 so what else is the cause of the delay, my wife had ordered and is getting frustrated, she said u never got an email from the site she placed the previous order with?

    • Brad Henderson · August 20, 2017

      It’s been canceled.

    • Sean Duregger · August 20, 2017

      It’s been cancelled and they’ve been issuing Paypay refunds.

    • Jason Sum · September 2, 2017

      It’s a bit shady that the company didn’t even e-mail all the people that bought these Limited editions to let them know the release was shelved/canceled I just found out Sept 2, 2017 after trying to get info on the delay….. a real shame was this all some type of con or was it legit and financially it just didn’t work out? a huge disappointment the set seemed way to good to be true! I swear Horror fans/collectors take the biggest beating on prices or just missing out on super limited editions

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