Support independent horror. That’s what I’ve said for a long ass time. Even if the films are mediocre or not your favorite, still support it. If you don’t, it will go away and none of us want that.

Do you want to support independent horror? Good! You’ve come to the right place.

In April at Spooky Empire in Orlando, I stumbled across a vendor table that was selling Pool Party Massacre… It wasn’t just any vendor, it was the filmmakers themselves. First, the poster caught my eye. If you are a horror buff and have social media; chances are you’ve seen this poster floating around on the internet. Months back I remember seeing the poster floating around but I thought it was one of those faux horror posters that circulate different sites but the film didn’t exist. It caught my eye for sure but I didn’t pay much attention. That said, the poster is real and so is the film.

When I saw the big banner of the film, DVDs, Blu-rays, posters, coozies, and even an action figured at Spooky Empire, I was ready to throw down my money. I bought the Blu-ray and chatted a little bit with Drew Marvick (writer and director) and immediately became obsessed with Pool Party Massacre (actually I’m obsessed with Drew). We spoke a tiny bit and then I went on my way enjoying the rest of the convention.

After walking around for a bit, I sat down for a quick drink and examined my Blu-ray that I purchased. I knew Drew produced the Blu-ray himself and wasn’t expecting much from the product to be honest. I just knew I was getting the film but then I opened it and noticed it was pressed and not a BD-R. Then I flipped over the Blu-ray and it has may special features including a COMMENTARY WITH DREW AND HIS MOTHER!!! I was really surprised by this because even major companies do BD-R’s these days and with someone independent like Drew (Floating Eye Films), I would’ve never thought someone would have their own Blu-rays pressed.

Anyways, if you’re like me and like a decent ’80s throwback slasher then you need to pick up Pool Party Massacre. It has hot ladies, hot guys, hot kills, and hot homages to some of your favorite slasher films.