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Take A Death Line To Love Camp 7

This week Brad and Sean discuss recent Blue Underground releases: Love Camp 7, Death Line (aka Raw Meat), and 99 Women with Anya Novak (@bookishplinko)! Josh Obershaw has the news.

We have helped put together a GoFundMe for Dustin Pace’s family, if you’d like to give please go to

Also, we’ve released a pre-order for a pin that Dustin was working on with us. All proceeds will go to his wife, Tiffany:


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  • Michael-Orian · August 5, 2017

    Fun fact about Dick Maas, his ‘Flodder’ trilogy is actually considered a classic where I’m from (Quebec, Canada). The title was changed to ‘Les Lavigueurs Déménages’ to make fun of a real family that had the last name ‘Lavigueur’. The Lavigueur family won over 7 million dollars from the lottery, a stranger found their winning ticket and brought it to their house (after he already knew it was a winning ticket). The Family was often ridiculed for being low-class and uneducated citizens, the movies didn’t help. The movie was also dubbed in ‘joual’ a typical French dialect we speak around here, which also helped its popularity.

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