On this week’s show:

✅Chocolate pudding – Bring enough for the whole family!
✅Necrophilia – That’s the $10 word for sexing corpses, y’all!
✅Dahmer – Not as cute as Bundy
✅Mozzarella sticks – Breaded and baked, not string’d and plastic’d
✅Decapitation – Less class than it sounds tbh
✅Paul Rudd facts – We have a doozy!
✅DEVIL ANT 🐜 – It’s an SOV show, Nelson was gonna come up in the first few episodes even if his movies have not
✅Pauly Shore – More loved than you know
✅ARBY’S – Our #1 sponsor and why we can record in a different city each week!
✅Incest – Go fuck your mom
✅SPLATTER FARM (1987) – SPOILER: it’s good
✅HOW TO SLAY A VAMPIRE (1995) – SPOILER: it’s better
✅The Brothers Polonia – They of the SOV homemade charm

Not on the show:
❌Oscar talk – Fuck that noise

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