This week on THESOVPOD, we dive into the Intervision double feature of DREAM STALKER and DEATH BY LOVE.

Recording from Dr. Frisk’s office in beautiful San Francisco, California, Mike and Brad talk:

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✅Butt rock
✅Freddy Kruger
✅Sculpture and architecture
✅Buddy cop dynamics
✅condoms breaking during intercourse
✅condoms breaking during intercourse with a ghost
✅Will Smith
✅The Fat Boys

OMG GUYS. Brad does a Will Smith/Fat Boys style rap inspired by DREAM STALKER.

It’s a good show this week but it will be even better next week when we cover PHOBE and BURGLAR FROM HELL. Pick up all your SOV movies at or or whatever, you’re cool, you have them already. Good for you, Kevin!

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