Burglars, Beasties, and Boners…this episode of THESOVPOD has the “triple b’s”; it also has a look at Intervision’s DVD of PHOBE: THE XENOPHOBIC EXPERIMENTS (1995) and The Sleaze Box’s BURGLAR FROM HELL (1993)! Both are available from grindhousevideo.com or your favorite independent retailer. Also this week on America’s NUMBER ONE shot-on-video podcast:


– Road trips (We’re in Oregon, SOV sluts)
– Mac and cheese (Good, creamy creaminess)
– Kelsey Grammer (Sex Idol)
– Tampa, FL (More happens there than you might think; Hollywood Jr.)
– Canadians! (Gross…)
– Apples (Yum…)
– A plea to get our beloved Arby’s back in our bed (GET DAT MONEY FOR US)
– Patreon! (Can we bum a buck?)
– All the shits. All the gigs. (But also literal shit…hehe, I said “butt”)
It’s fun. It always is. PROMISE.
It’s about movies shot on video. Kinda.

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