You know what rhymes with eleven? Heaven. And that’s where you’ll be when you’re listening to this episode of THESOVPOD. No, not because you’ll love it so much BUT BECAUSE THE SCARECROWS FROM DARK HARVEST (1992) KILLED YOU AND LISTENING FROM BEYOND THE PEARLY GATES IS YOUR ONLY OPTION.

On this show we talk about all kinds of stuff directly related to SOV movies: N*SYNC, moonshine, VALERIAN, Eminem, soda brand knock-offs, ya know, shit academics discuss whilst getting handies!

Can you even handle the awesome s**t that is us. Us is, er, we are, MIKE DELANEY and BRAD F HENDERSON and each week we talk awesome shot on video movies. We are always Mike D. and always Brad F. Henderson, SUBS ARE FOR SCRUBS. 

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