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It’s Splatterday’s Edithorrorial…again…with Mike D!

  Knockoff noun  knock·off \ˈnäk-ˌȯf\ Popularity: Bottom 40% of words Definition:  a copy that sells for less than the original; broadly :  a copy or imitation of someone or something popular Whilst touching bases with Brad Henderson this week, he let me know that the next episode of The ScreamCast will focus on that rich […]

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Women In Horror: The Fantastic, Feminist Fable of ‘The Love Witch’

You’ve never seen a movie like The Love Witch, a film that so perfectly captures the zeitgeist it hardly seems real. A bewitching blend of magic, feminism, horror, and satire, The Love Witch is the balm for all that ails you. Elaine (Samantha Robinson, exuding major Lana Del Rey vibes) is a beautiful but lonely […]

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Heroes Named John

  It occurred to me during the release of John Wick 2 there are quite a few heroes in action films that have the name John. At first, I thought it was just Hollywood writers being lazy, but I think that is a little unfair to say. John is a very common name and I […]

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Women In Horror Month: Kristi Ray Speaks Up About Women, Film, and Horror!

Kristi Ray stopped by The ScreamCast to write a few words about Women In Horror, conventions, film, horror, and film geeks! A few years ago, I was an outsider not knowing what to expect when I answered a creepy Craigslist casting call from David Long for the female lead in a little indie horror flick […]

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It’s Splatterday! Another Edithorrorial with Mike D

  “Robert Zappia…Remember this name…” Way back in high school, I was a writer for the “Entertainment” page of the school paper. We covered all kinds of spectacles: school plays (Odd Couple staff production like a motherfucker!), dope-ass nu-metal albums (Korn is spelled with a K because they kick serious ass), and movies (usually new […]

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  The 1970s are, hands down, my favorite decade for movies. That 70s Column is an ongoing series that gives me the opportunity to write about horror, cult, and exploitation flicks from that era. The articles could be anything: reviews, lists, personal anecdotes, throwdowns, whatever. It’s all about celebrating the wild cinema of 70s. And […]

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It’s Splatterday’s Edithorrorial with Mike D

EDITHORRORIAL Mike Delaney   Happy Splatterday, dear readers. I’m going to be spending some time here at The ScreamCast website as a contributing writer because, hey, the notion of delivering a weekly column freaks me out; As horror lovers, we love to be at least scared, don’t we? This column will be a mix of […]

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That Time Jason Killed Himself

That Time Jason Killed Himself Back in 1989 Jason killed himself. Well, not really, but in Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan he did. Most of the film takes place on a boat but Jason’s rampage continues off the boat and into New York City once it docks into the harbor. As Jason […]

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bruiser (1)

Underrated Horror Series Part I: If Looks Could Kill, Then Death Would Be My Name

If Looks Could Kill, Then Death Would Be My Name A Retrospective of Bruiser   Between the years 1993 and 2000, Romero was not forgotten, though he was on a unwanted hiatus at that time. In spite of a few box office flops, he didn’t stop trying to get back into the horror scene. During […]

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A December to Remember

There was a lot of discussion following the success of Scream (released in December of 1996) and the subsequent horror films that it influenced, about how it revived a genre that was essentially on life support. Well, now that we’re twenty years on (Jesus!) we can take an objective look back. Let’s start by examining […]

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