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ScreamCast 122: Black Goats, Killer Santas, & Our Top 10 Films Of 2016

Jason Murphy (Author, Black Goat Motorcycle Club & Co-host/Producer, Hacking The System) joins us to discuss our favorite Christmas Horror Movie Moments as well as our Top 10 Films of 2016!

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ScreamCast 121: A Deathrow Gameshow Full Of Hobgoblins And Nightmare Sisters

BJ Colangelo returns just in time for our Vinegar Syndrome Extravaganza! We dive into the September & October packages to discuss HOBGOBLINS, DEATHROW GAMESHOW, 3 Linnea Quigley flicks, COUNT DRACULA’S GREAT LOVE & much more!

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ScreamCast 120: Burial Grounds, Parking Garages & Fake Pet Snakes

This week Sean and Brad discuss Severin’s release of BURIAL GROUND: THE NIGHT OF TERROR (1981). Also, we bring back two favorite segments: Stream Screams & VHS: OH MY GOD!

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ScreamCast 119: Manhattan Baby And The Bloodstained Butterfly Go Splat

Mike Delaney of The Splathouse Podcast slums it with Brad and Sean to discuss a couple recently released Italian gems: MANHATTAN BABY and THE BLOODSTAINED BUTTERFLY. Make sure you check out The Splathouse Podcast, a really fun podcast you all should be listening to! You can find them at

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ScreamCast 118: In The Dead End Drive-In With Brian Trenchard-Smith

Brian Trenchard-Smith joins us to talk about Arrow Video’s fantastic release of DEAD END DRIVE-IN. We also discuss his career from BMX BANDITS, HAPPY FACE MURDERS to his newest film DRIVE HARD. Also on the agenda is our What’s On Your Doorstep segment and Josh Obershaw returns with Blu-ray News!

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ScreamCast 117: Petey Wheatstraw and the Evils Of The Night

This week we get carried away with an epic What’s On Your Doorstep segment, followed by a dive into Vinegar Syndrome’s July & August releases! We discuss EVILS OF THE NIGHT, PETEY WHEATSTRAW, THE CANDY TANGERINE MAN and much more!

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ScreamCast 116: Brad’s Fantastic Fest 2016 Mania

Brad subjected himself to 32 movies in Austin, TX for 2016’s Fantastic Fest! On this episode he recaps THEM ALL…!

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ScreamCast 115: This Death Waltz Is Unleashing Some Mondo In Your Ears

Brad, BJ and Sean discuss recent movies to arrive on their collective doorsteps, then Brad and Sean discuss a handful of soundtracks released by Death Waltz/Mondo.

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ScreamCast 114: It Gets Weird Down In Der Bunker

This week we are honored to sit down with Nikias Chryssos, director of the gleefully weird film DER BUNKER. DER BUNKER is out on blu-ray right now via Artsploitation Films. Also, Sean and Brad sort through the piles of movies that have arrived on their doorstep, Sean gets distracted with Dungeons And Dragons, and Josh […]

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ScreamCast 113: The Masks and Violent Sh*t Of Reel Gore Releasing

Nico B (Cult Epics) joins us to discuss his new offshoot label Reel Gore Releasing! His first two releases VIOLENT SHIT: THE MOVIE and MASKS are out on blu-ray right now. Brad and Sean also run down what’s arrived on their doorsteps and Josh Obershaw brings us the news, including information on Synapse’s upcoming POPCORN […]

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