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Horror Down Under: WOLF CREEK (2005)

If you asked any Australian what their favourite Aussie horror film would be, I guarantee you that the first answer would be WOLF CREEK. If you have seen the film, it’s not hard to understand why that is. Before the film was released in 2015, Australian horror films were basically dead at the cinema. Sure […]

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I live for horror films. It doesn’t matter if they are great, mediocre, bad, goofy, or inventive, I’m always on board. I’ve always said watching a terrible horror film is always easier than watching a terrible drama or comedy. This day and age it’s getting a little easier to make and distribute a film. Just […]

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While Meth Storm: Arkansas USA sounds like some direct-to-video sequel of a Nick Cage movie, I can assure you that’s not at all what this is. Meth Storm is a documentary that premiered at SXSW about users, DTF/DEA, and the Mexican Cartel. The cameras roll as DTF agents bust down doors and users that are […]

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Theatrical Review – Get Out

‘Get Out,’ directed by Jordan Peele of the Key & Peele show, utilized the creative space of the horror-comedy genre as a vessel for social commentary regarding the complexities of race relations and commodification of nonwhite bodies in contemporary American society. The film also comments on the sociopolitical-theological paradigm of both liberal and conservative ideologies […]

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SXSW Review: The Archer

As a kid watching films you normally didn’t analyze anything while sitting there. If you did read into it, you didn’t over analyze it. Re-watching some of these films as an adult, you can see their flaws or how ridiculous they may be. Of course you can give your suspension of disbelief but that can […]

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SXSW Review: Pig

In 2009, Adam Mason filmed an experimental film, PIG. In 2010, it played at Stiges at 3am and then released online only for a brief moment and then was shelved until now… Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

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bruiser (1)

Underrated Horror Series Part I: If Looks Could Kill, Then Death Would Be My Name

If Looks Could Kill, Then Death Would Be My Name A Retrospective of Bruiser   Between the years 1993 and 2000, Romero was not forgotten, though he was on a unwanted hiatus at that time. In spite of a few box office flops, he didn’t stop trying to get back into the horror scene. During […]

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BLOOD IN THE SNOW: Who will break the silence about 3 DEAD TRICK OR TREATERS?

Missing trick or treaters would set any town on edge. And with 3 DEAD TRICK OR TREATERS, with its world premiere at Blood In The Snow, sets us all on edge in a twisted collection of tales. Pieced together by Torin Langen’s short films, we get a unique look at the horror anthology. (more…)

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BLOOD IN THE SNOW 2016: Does this writer find bloody creation in INSPIRATION?

A person’s creative muse can come from anywhere. From someone they hold dear in their life, to a piece of music that strikes them the right way. When one finds themselves needing to find that muse, one can get a little desperate in hopes that creative spark will appear. The lucky ones see that spark […]

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BLOOD IN THE SNOW 2016: Get drawn in with 24X36

In a booming collectibles world, one market that has sprung up and helped trigger others as well, is the market of the movie art print. in 24X36, this documentary covers the beginning of the trend, it’s history based off of classically drawn movie posters, and both the artists and collectors of the scene. And in […]

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