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Underrated Horror Series Part I: If Looks Could Kill, Then Death Would Be My Name

If Looks Could Kill, Then Death Would Be My Name A Retrospective of Bruiser   Between the years 1993 and 2000, Romero was not forgotten, though he was on a unwanted hiatus at that time. In spite of a few box office flops, he didn’t stop trying to get back into the horror scene. During […]

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BLOOD IN THE SNOW: Who will break the silence about 3 DEAD TRICK OR TREATERS?

Missing trick or treaters would set any town on edge. And with 3 DEAD TRICK OR TREATERS, with its world premiere at Blood In The Snow, sets us all on edge in a twisted collection of tales. Pieced together by Torin Langen’s short films, we get a unique look at the horror anthology. (more…)

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BLOOD IN THE SNOW 2016: Does this writer find bloody creation in INSPIRATION?

A person’s creative muse can come from anywhere. From someone they hold dear in their life, to a piece of music that strikes them the right way. When one finds themselves needing to find that muse, one can get a little desperate in hopes that creative spark will appear. The lucky ones see that spark […]

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BLOOD IN THE SNOW 2016: Get drawn in with 24X36

In a booming collectibles world, one market that has sprung up and helped trigger others as well, is the market of the movie art print. in 24X36, this documentary covers the beginning of the trend, it’s history based off of classically drawn movie posters, and both the artists and collectors of the scene. And in […]

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BLOOD IN THE SNOW 2016: Love takes a deadly turn with CAPTURE KILL RELEASE

Couples do a lot to bond themselves together. Some like to go camping, white water rapids rafting, even sky diving. But how far would you go to declare your love for your partner when they want to plan a murder together? At its Toronto premiere at Blood In The Snow Film Festival, CAPTURE KILL RELEASE […]

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Strangler Things

Okay, where to begin? The Greasy Strangler is the most unique film I have ever seen. I know, in theory, that something cannot be the most unique. My mother is an English teacher and she explained to me when I was young that unique is an absolute and can’t be modified (you can’t be a […]

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DVD Review: Phobe The Xenophobic Experiments

$250 can’t get you a hell of a lot these days. But Erica Benedikty didn’t let that stop her from making a feature length Sci-Fi flick inspired by many ’80s era genre romps. Using $250 of her own money, friends, volunteers and donated items and locations, Erica pulled through with a feature length sci-fi film […]

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Blu-ray Review: CHOPPING MALL (1986)

CHOPPING MALL has finally been unleashed on blu-ray via Lionsgate’s “Vestron Video Collector’s Series.” Out of all the titles so far announced, this was the one I was eagerly waiting for…and did Lionsgate deliver! This is the release fans have been hoping for and an shining example of Lionsgate finally treating their catalogue with the […]

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Horror Movie A Day: The Book, for all your daily horror needs!

When I started following people in film on Twitter, I started noticing a certain voice popping up more and more. That person was Brian Collins, a writer that was running a site called Horror Movie A Day. And that is exactly what he covered, for 2500 days. Yeah, that’s a lot of horror to get […]

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FANTASTIC FEST 2016: Time to get animated with NOVA SEED

As a father of four kids and being a kid at heart myself, I’ve watched animated films my entire life. So it always warms my heart to hear that there are animated films playing festivals and that they are aimed for a more mature crowd. At Fantasia, I was lucky enough to see the Turkish […]

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