[Nightmares Film Festival 2019] Day Three Recap

Columbus, OH -- Saturday, October 26, day three of Nightmares Film Festival was set to be the longest day of the fest but we were there at 10am bracing ourselves for a diverse schedule of amazing features and short films that would take us to 4am by the end. For the...

[Nightmares Film Festival 2019] Day Two Recap

For Friday, October 25, day two of Nightmares Film Festival was off to an early start with the first slot programmed at 9am. On little sleep our crew from Chicago made it in time for Daniel Isn't Real (2019, dir. Adam Egypt Mortimer, USA), the first feature of the...

[Nightmares Film Festival 2019] Opening Night Recap

Nightmares Film Festival 2019 got off to a killer start on Thursday, Oct 24th at the Gateway Film Center in Columbus, OH. The excitement was buzzing through the air as the cinema lobby swarmed with attendees amped for their first taste of 2019 programming. This being...

Fantastic Fest 2019 Wrap-Up

We had sneakers on the ground at Fantastic Fest 2019 in Austin, TX. Brad and Stephanie TELL ALL! They discuss AFTER MIDNIGHT, GUNS AKIMBO, PARASITE, KNIVES OUT, THE DEATH OF DICK LONG, VHYES, THE POOL, JALLIKATTU, BLISS, VFW, COME TO DADDY, and more!

NIGHTMARES FILM FESTIVAL Celebrates 4th Year with Stellar Line-up

Nightmares Film Festival returns to Gateway Film Center for 4 days of horror films and genre features kicking off Oct 24.

[Fantastic Fest 2019] – Second Half Highlights

Fantastic Fest is split in two and I’ve highlighted a handful of films in each half worthy of your attention. Below are the films that really made an impact.


The Mortuary Collection is a thrilling horror anthology offering a good balance between the frightful stories and grisly imagery with solid performances throughout.

[Fantastic Fest 2019] – First Half Highlights

With another Fantastic Fest Film Festival in the bag, my tenth year attending, I’m thrilled to share some of best movies from the fest. For those not familiar, Fantastic Fest is an annual genre film festival held in Austin, TX and this year was the 15th anniversary....

Taking A Stand With The Fanatic On Limp Bizkit Row

  While Brad and Steph do Fantastic Fest stuff, Sean and Mike test out our new recording system (with mixed results) and go off on Fred Durst's THE FANATIC.

[Fantastic Fest 2019] Quick Bites 2: The Quickening

The new batch of mini-Fantastic Fest reviews! As before, these are 2019 releases unless otherwise noted and spoiler-free. The Ship of Monsters (1960) Directed by Rogelio A. González, written by José María Fernández Unsáin. From Mexico. Secret words: Aliens. Creatures....


Podcast Episodes

Episode Fifteen (aka Down at Club Med)

Episode Fifteen (aka Down at Club Med)

Brad and Mike D. are back from the dead, chillin' at the beach down at Club Med talking 1987's DEATH NURSE and 1988's DEATH NURSE II(both by Wellesian auteur Nick Millard) Topics include: - masturbating with microwaved liver - the American healthcare...

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