Cannibals, Comics & Books, Oh My!

Stephanie Crawford joins Sean and Brad as we discuss Horror related content we've been consuming. We move away from only movies and have a great discussion about film, comics and novels. Things discussed are: Reckless by Ed Brubaker Grimm Love (2006)...

SXSW 2022 Extravaganza: Pandemic Edition!

Rising from the ashes....AGAIN....we're back! Brad and Sean talk about a new simple format and bringing the podcast back for good. Brad also discusses films he saw at SxSw 2022 in Austin, TX. Films discussed are: Everything Everywhere All At Once...


WARPED AND FADED: Weird Wednesday and the Birth of The American Genre Film Archive By Lars Nilsen and friends Edited by Kier-La Janisse $35 // Mondo Books // Order Here “Enjoy your porn, hipsters!” Part oral history, part weird movie compendium, and part film essay...

Mike and Brad’s Halloween Special Extravaganza!

Mike D and Brad talk about movies…and Splathouse….Reborn?

A Conversation With Simon Barrett

Brad Henderson sits down with Screenwriter/Director Simon Barrett to discuss his upcoming film SEANCE.

A Conversation With Simon Boswell

Brad Henderson sits down with composer Simon Boswell to discuss his career and Severin’s release of Santa Sangre. 

The Lost Mortal Kombat Episode

We recorded this in April and because of technical difficulties and other things, it never was posted.

Brad, Mike and Sean talk about Mortal Kombat (2021) and many other things.

Jakob’s Wife with Barbara Crampton and Travis Stevens

The gang discusses Jakob’s Wife with star Barbara Crampton and director Travis Stevens.

[PANIC FEST] Reviews, Vol. 1: Benny Loves You, Red Snow, An Ideal Host

I "attended" my very first Panic Fest via their virtual screenings this year, and I was incredibly impressed by the wide variety of films on offer, both feature-length and short. I'll be doing a collection of reviews from the fest right here, so be sure to check back!...

Workprints and Creepshows

Writer/Director/All-Around-Great-Guy Joe Lynch joins the squad to talk about the Creepshow workprint, workprints in general, Stephen Norrington, Lethal Weapon 2, Curious Dr. Hump, SxSw and so much more!


Podcast Episodes

Episode Seventeen (aka No Habla Espanol)

Episode Seventeen (aka No Habla Espanol)

It’s INFO WARS at THESOVPOD! Brad Fuzzy Navel Henderson and Mike D. talk AGFA’s The McPherson Tape (1989), conspiracy theories, cake, and Spanish…all the while maintaining a sweet high…from the erotic chemtrails of videotape.

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