Nightmares Film Festival 2019 Wrap Up: The Podcast Episode!

Jay Hawkinson (@sleestakk) and Cati Glidewell (@BlondeInFront) join Sean to wrap up Nightmares Film Festival 2019 in Columbus, Ohio!  

Fantastic Fest 2019 Wrap-Up

We had sneakers on the ground at Fantastic Fest 2019 in Austin, TX. Brad and Stephanie TELL ALL! They discuss AFTER MIDNIGHT, GUNS AKIMBO, PARASITE, KNIVES OUT, THE DEATH OF DICK LONG, VHYES, THE POOL, JALLIKATTU, BLISS, VFW, COME TO DADDY, and more!

Taking A Stand With The Fanatic On Limp Bizkit Row

  While Brad and Steph do Fantastic Fest stuff, Sean and Mike test out our new recording system (with mixed results) and go off on Fred Durst's THE FANATIC.

WOYD and Stuff. The Fifth Screamcast Episode of 2019.

Episode 169. This episode was almost lost. Audio quality is "EH" but we found it.

Once Upon a Time…Brad…in the Dark

Brad goes solo this week talking about two genre hits at the summer box office: Tarantino's ONCE UPON A TIME...IN HOLLYWOOD and  André Øvredal's SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK. Next week will be a full episode with the whole crew! Stay scared,...

WOYD Slackers: The THIRD Episode Of 2019

Sean, Stephanie and Brad discuss what we've been watching in this third episode of 2019.

Father Michael Rooker And The Plague Dogs Skinner

The gang is back together! Sean, Stephanie and Brad discuss what's been landing on their doorsteps lately. Films discussed: Arizona, Await Further Instructions, Horror Noire, Murphy's Law, Nemesis, Peppermint Soda, The Plague Dogs, Pledge, Shadowbuilder,...

What’s On Brad and Stephanie’s Doorstep?

Our first episode of 2019! Brad and Stephanie run down what they’ve been watching.

Sudden Fury Of The Children In The House Of The Dead

On our FINAL episode of 2018: Stephanie, Sean and Brad round up the past few months of VINEGAR SYNDROME releases! Including SUDDEN FURY, THE CHILDREN, DEAD DUDES IN THE HOUSE and much much more!

WOYD Extravaganza!

Sean, Stephanie and Brad discuss what they’ve been watching lately.

Established in 2014, The Screamcast started as an excuse for 2 Twitter Horror Buddies to talk about horror flicks in our personal movie collections. Sean Duregger and Brad Henderson quickly enlisted the help of Brian Saur to round out a geeky horror trio and the podcast was born. The fabulous B.J. Colangelo also joined the show for a while.

Through a revolving door of guests and endless movies to discuss, The Screamcast is still going strong. Now hosted by Sean Duregger, Stephanie Crawford, Mike Delaney and Brad Henderson, we continue to celebrate all things retro, cult and fringe in horror!

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Girly And The Paperboy Take A Boat Trip

Girly And The Paperboy Take A Boat Trip

Stephanie Crawford and Sean Duregger take on KILLER KIDS! As we wait for Brad Henderson to MAYBE join in on the conversation (SPOILER: he doesn’t), we go through a handful of movies that have arrived on our doorstep including MANDY, NO ESCAPE, HEREDITARY, UPGRADE and more. Then, we dive into some Killer Kid themed films: THE PAPERBOY, VINYAN and GIRLY.

The Ladies Club Meets In The Graveyard By The Forest

The Ladies Club Meets In The Graveyard By The Forest

Stephanie Crawford and Brad Henderson join Sean Duregger for an epic 3-hour opus! After a ridiculous “What’s On Your Doorstep” segment, Tom McLoughlin (Former mime turned director of ONE DARK NIGHT and JASON LIVES: FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VI) joins us to discuss his career and Trevor Stevens’ new film ROCK STEADY ROW. Then, the gang turns to discuss THE LADIES CLUB (1986), GRAVEYARD SHIFT (1990) and Wild Eye’s latest release THE FOREST OF LOST SOULS (2018).

Let’s Get Naschy, Part II

Let’s Get Naschy, Part II

On this episode! While "Hollywood Henderson" is taking late night conference calls and playing PUBG professionally, Sean and Stephanie dive into Scream Factory's second Paul Naschy box set! HUNCHBACK OF THE MORGUE (EL JOROBADO DE LA MORGUE) THE DEVIL'S...

Podcast Of The Alive!

Podcast Of The Alive!

Monster babies take over the discussion as we dive into Larry Cohen’s IT’S ALIVE trilogy! Brad Henderson makes an early appearance to discuss what he’s been watching, then Anya Stanley (@BookishPlinko) joins Sean and Stephanie to dive into Scream Factory’s blu-ray release of IT’S ALIVE, IT’S ALIVE 2 and ISLAND OF THE ALIVE! Also, Josh Obershaw runs down the latest in blu-ray news.

Link To The Second Gate Leads To Mon Mon Mon Monsters

Link To The Second Gate Leads To Mon Mon Mon Monsters

This week it’s crazed orangutans, feral monsters and ill-informed satanic rituals! Sean, Stephanie and Brad dive into 1986’s LINK starring Elizabeth Shue, then we move into the Shudder Exclusive Taiwan film MON MON MON MONSTERS and finish up with Scream Factory’s release of GATE II. Josh Obershaw brings a plethora of blu-ray release news.