Episode Nineteen (aka Even Teens Need Passion)

Brad and Mike LOOOOOOOOOVE SOV. Film at 11.

Episode Eighteen (aka Episode One)

Come bring some pals and watch our Pay Pal purchased Franky and His Pals with us and our pals, out now from our pals at Severin Films!

Episode Seventeen (aka No Habla Espanol)

It’s INFO WARS at THESOVPOD! Brad Fuzzy Navel Henderson and Mike D. talk AGFA’s The McPherson Tape (1989), conspiracy theories, cake, and Spanish…all the while maintaining a sweet high…from the erotic chemtrails of videotape.

Episode Sixteen (aka Mike’s Meat Sweats)

Brad and Mike return for the vaccine you been needing: SOVID-20! Four new THESOVPOD episodes for your health! This week: Meat Market 1 and 2 from SRS Cinema

Episode Fifteen (aka Down at Club Med)

Brad and Mike D. are back from the dead, chillin' at the beach down at Club Med talking 1987's DEATH NURSE and 1988's DEATH NURSE II(both by Wellesian auteur Nick Millard) Topics include: - masturbating with microwaved liver - the American healthcare...

Episode Fourteen (aka The Glorious Buckcherry)

Mike and his faithful ward Brad return to THESOVPOD for the exciting SEASON 5 premiere featuring HELLROLLER (1992), SUFFER LITTLE CHILDREN (1983), Buckcherry, Alien Ant Farm, and Fassbinder's adaptation of A DOLL'S HOUSE.


It's been an epic ride going through HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT with all of you. Here is the final installment of probably the most epic treatment of 16 minutes of film ever made.  You rock. But we do too, and arguably, honestly? We rock harder. But no one NO ONE Rocks...


It’s a musical bonanza! Yippie! Appalachian folk tunes! Bluegrass! Country! Everything you would expect from a podcast detailing each minute of the 16 minute heavy metal masterpiece: HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT (1986).


This episode is bananas. That’s all you need to know.


Edward Montgomery of Montgomery Video and Mortgage gives listeners a tour of his film restoration factory.

Sarah Koenig checks in about her alcohol abuse and perhaps the inciting incident of her addiction.

Mike and Steph return to talk about 2 more minutes of HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT. Their topics of discussion include Yo Mama jokes, librarian jokes, time travel, ASL, COPS Boston, and Happy Days.

Established in 2018 as a Shot-On-Video themed offshoot of The Screamcast, Mike Delaney and Brad Henderson quickly made The SOVPOD a contender for bringing the weird and the laughs.

Want to try something new? Join Brad and Mike as they dive into EVERY Shot-On-Video Film ever made….seriously.

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Episode Three (aka The Bryan Harmontown Massacre)

Episode Three (aka The Bryan Harmontown Massacre)

Brad and Mike look at two offerings from BLEEDING SKULL VIDEO (available online on VHS or DVD at http://mondotees.com ): James Bryan’s RUN COYOTE RUN and James Bryan’s JUNGLE TRAP! And let’s not bury the lead: Though Bryan directs, these are very much the films of exploitation QUEEN Renee Harmon (writer, producer, casting director, location scout etc etc etc)