ScreamCast05: The Island (1980)

This week, we discuss Scream Factory’s release of 1980’s THE ISLAND. A surprisingly brutal, mean and bat-shit crazy movie involving Michael Caine and pirates, brought to  you by the author of JAWS! Helping us dissect this forgotten piece of cinema is Morgan Peter Brown (Absentia).

Leviathan (1989) Coming to Blu-ray In August

The 1989 underwater thriller LEVIATHAN will be heading to Blu-ray this August thanks to cult/B-movie darlings Scream Factory! Directed by George P. Cosmatos and starring Peter Weller, Richard Crenna, Daniel Stern, Ernie Hudson, and Michael Carmine, the film follows an underwater mining crew who uncovers a deadly genetic mutation.

ScreamCast04: Eve Of Destruction/Dark Angel (“I” Come In Peace)

This week Sean and Brad discuss the merits of Gregory Hines as a genuine action star in Eve Of Destruction, Dolph Lundgren’s best film “I” Come In Peace, and electronic cigarette etiquette.

Eve Of Destruction [Blu-ray]

The overall entertainment value of Eve Of Destruction resides between movies like Terminator 3 and Species. Let that gauge how you’ll approach the movie. The violence is ballsy, this is one of those “innocent bystanders get blown away and we’re not afraid to blast children either!” flicks.

Bad Dreams / Visiting Hours [Blu-ray]

For Bad Dreams alone, this disc is worth a look. Visiting Hours is a fun pairing for a double feature, but as a stand-alone horror film it’s pretty weak.

New Key Art For Brian De Palma’s Phantom Of The Paradise Revealed

I usually prefer the original poster key art for Scream Factory‘s Collector’s Edition titles, but goddamn! Artist Justin Osbourne (Prince of Darkness, The Fog, Lifeforce) has outdone himself here! Today Scream Factory unveiled the key art to the August 5th release of Brian De Palma’s 1974 classic rock-horror experience THE PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE. This […]

ScreamCast03: Bad Dreams/Visiting Hours

Sean and Brad are powering through the Scream Factory catalog. This week it’s a HOSPITAL HORROR double feature of Bad Dreams and Visiting Hours with special guest Brian Saur (@bobfreelander).

Clive Barker’s Lord Of Illusions Coming to Blu-Ray!

On February 27th, Clive Barker spilled the beans via his Facebook page that Scream Factory would be releasing 1995’s Lord Of Illusions on Blu-ray. This wasn’t an official announcement, so Shout! had to counter with a quick announcement via their own Facebook pages. There is no official details on what will be included in the […]

Extras Announced for Scream Factory’s 5/13 Releases of Evil Speak & Final Exam!

On 5/13, Scream Factory is releasing two 80’s oddities, EVILSPEAK and FINAL EXAM. We’re really excited to add these to our collections and are happy to hear that there will be some special features on these discs.

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