ScreamCast 46: Preserving The Naughty Bits, A Conversation With Vinegar Syndrome

This week Brad and Sean had a chance to sit down with the guys over at Vinegar Syndrome to talk Exploitation Cinema and Film Preservation. We also offer up a “Vinegar Syndrome Virgin Survival Guide” for those of you who have yet to jump into their catalog.

The Guest (Blu-ray Review)

THE GUEST is one of those films that had been getting some buzz in my “film buff” circle of friends. Most of what I heard was that it was a kind of throwback to the 1980s thriller with a great performance by Dan Stevens and a fantastic synth-heavy score. This kind of hype doesn’t bode well for films of this caliber because people like me tend to set our expectations way too high. However, coming from a filmmaker I trust (Adam Wingard) paired with a screenwriter I trust (Simon Barrett) I felt like I was sailing into safe waters as I popped the blu-ray into my player.

Valley of the Sasquatch Poster Revealed!

We finally get to see a poster for John Portanova’s upcoming Bigfoot film VALLEY OF THE SASQUATCH!

Top Blu-ray Releases of 2014

2014 was an incredible year for genre releases. This is the list of our favorite blu-ray releases of 2014 as heard on our “End Of Year” podcast. For explanations of each pick, check out the last 30 minutes of the podcast.

Video Nasties – The Definitive Guide: Part 2 (DVD Review)

Prepare to be corrupted and depraved once more by the sequel to the definitive guide to the Video Nasties phenomenon – the most extraordinary and scandalous era in the history of British film. For the first time ever on DVD, all 82 films that fell foul of the Director of Public Prosecutions “Section 3” list are trailer-featured with specially […]

ScreamCast 45: The Guest (2014)

Brad and Sean take on Adam Wingard’s newest flick, The Guest. Subjects include Dan Stevens, Dan Steven’s body, and Dan Stevens. The Flick: The Guest (2014) Director: Adam Wingard Written By: Simon Barrett Starring: Dan Stevens, Sheila Kelley, Maika Monroe A mysterious ex-soldier (Dan Stevens) with a secret agenda wreaks havoc on a small town […]

Scream Factory Unofficially Officially Working With IFC For A Babadook Release!

An image popped up online of The Babadook Blu-ray artwork. Notice anything?

Our friends over at @ScreamBluFans did and they called Scream Factory on it, getting a reply.

Arrow Video Releases Details Of Their North American Expansion

Arrow Films has given us a few more details about their North American launch in 2015. Here is all the details we have so far regarding their planned titles: first, we’lll see the North American Blu-ray premieres of Mark of the Devil on 17th March, followed by Blind Woman’s Curse on 24th March and Day […]

ScreamCast 44: The Houses October Built (2014), Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh (1995) & Horns (2013)

This week we take a bite out of three films! We know, it’s a mouthful, but we discuss the found-footage gem The Houses October Built, Scream Factory’s newest blu-ray release Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh, and Alexander Aja’s newest offering Horns. Plus, we give our Top 10 Novel-to-Film adaptations.

Scream Factory Delays DOG SOLDIERS For A Potential New HD Transfer!

DOG SOLDIERS is delayed yet again by Scream Factory, this time to 6/23/2015. Director Neil Marshall recently found new film elements to be used in a potentially better HD transfer. This is fantastic news and shows that Scream Factory realizes just how passionate fans of the film are. We’re very excited at the prospect DOG SOLDIERS will finally get the Blu-ray release it deserves and don’t mind waiting a few more months for that to happen.

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