ScreamCast 61: The Fury Road Of Satan’s Blade

In a rare turn of events, we cover our first theatrical release. I mean, everyone’s talking about MAD MAX: FURY ROAD and why shouldn’t we (100% SPOILER FREE)?! Brian Saur also returns from his bed of sickness to help Sean and Brad discuss the obscure slasher SATAN’S BLADE along with a plethora of films that have arrived on our doorstep.

ScreamCast 60: Mad Max And The Escape From Class Of 1984!

Scream Factory has recently come through with a dose of post-apocalyptic madness on Blu-ray as they have released MAD MAX, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and CLASS OF 1984. Brad and Sean assess the claims by HD elitists of botched transfers on Scream Factory titles and whether or not you should double dip.

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