ScreamCast 73: Wyrmwood: Mad Max Of The Dead

This week we tackle Kiah Roache-Turner’s Wyrmwood (also penned by Tristan Roache-Turner) which has recently been released by IFC Midnight & Scream Factory. Also, we discover an HD copy of April Fool’s Day (1986) and dig up yet another VHS snow-based slasher, Iced (1988)!

ScreamCast 72: It’s Not Cranberry Sauce (An Interview With Arrow Films/Video)

We’re very excited about this week’s show! First, Brad and Sean had the pleasure to speak with Arrow Films & Video Label Manager Francesco Simeoni and Marketing/Operations Executive Ewan Cant. Then, BJ returns to the proceedings to help discuss our Stream Screams pick: The Dentist (1996) & our VideOMG pick: Blood Tracks (1985)!

ScreamCast 71: Finding Art in the Horrific (An Interview With Artsploitation Films)

We had the pleasure to speak with Eric Bresler of Artsploitation films. During the discussion we cover their newest releases including The Treatment, Horsehead, Der Samurai and the upcoming film, Cub. Also, we plunge the depths of VOD to find horror only available in Digital HD in our segment Scream Streams and pray to the VHS gods for a decent release of 1987’s The Kindred in our segment Vide-OHMYGOD!

ScreamCast 70: I, Madman. You, Madman. We, Madmen.

It’s a double feature of Madman mayhem as we cover Scream Factory’s I, MADMAN and Vinegar Syndrome’s MADMAN! Plus, we debut two new segments: “Stream Screams” & “VHS VideOMG!” Also, stay tuned at the end of the show for a sexy BJ robot voice surprise!

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