Vinegar Syndrome’s Black Friday Buying Guide

Naturally buying each and every release would be your best move but for most that isn’t possible. If you are new to Vinegar Syndrome or even if you are familiar with them, their catalogue can be a little overwhelming at times. Being they release the weird and obscure you may not want to take that shot at a blind buy in fear of it being a bad movie. Well, I’m here to help you pick and choose and hopefully be the one that whispers in your ear quietly “Do it.”

You’re Beautiful: My Strange Trip to An American Hippie in Israel

I remember when it was relatively easy to find cult classic, low-budget, and exploitation films on cable and in video stores back in the day. Needless to say. it’s a very different world now. The brick-and-mortar video rental shops are all but gone. Unless you have El Rey, good luck finding any strange and unusual movies on cable! Basic channels like USA and TBS, which used to show these kind of movies late at night, now load their schedules up with marathons of reruns of Law & Order and crummy sitcoms. That’s why when I catch something like The Visitor on Turner Classic Movies, it feels like a freaking Christmas miracle.

ScreamCast 85: The Black Cats On Route 666

This week we dig into the new Arrow Video box set The Black Cats! Two films inspired by Edgar Allan Poe with very different results by Sergio Martino and Lucio Fulci. We also dive into some Lou Diamond Phillips insanity with Route 666 and some non-horror sex comedy shenanigans with Valet Girls!

TBT: Gremlins Knock-Offs

In the summer of 1984, Warner Bros. and Joe Dante gave us Gremlins, a delightfully wicked horror comedy about vicious little monsters- spawned from a cute and innocent creature called a Mogwai- who wreck havoc on a small town during Christmastime. It was a box-office smash, and it would become a classic and a perennial Christmas favorite. But because it was a tremendous financial success, Gremlins spawned its own series of imitators throughout the rest of the 1980s. So, since one of these movies got the Scream Factory treatment this week, I thought we’d take a look at five films that tried to take a bite out of the success of Gremlins.

TBT: Topps Horror Trading Cards

Ever since my last TBT, I have been thinking about trading cards quite a bit. I was really into trading cards as a kid, and for me one company stood taller than all the rest: Topps. Founded in 1938, Topps became famous for it’s Bazooka Bubblegum and their baseball trading cards, but soon branched into other areas of pop-culture as well. The first set of cards I got into was Return of the Jedi, and those set off my love for collecting cards. Fright Flicks were one of my very favorite series. I haven’t collected cards since 2000, but remembering Fright Flicks has got me thinking about collecting again, especially old cards. It also got me curious to find out what other horror-themed cards Topps did back in the day.

ScreamCast 84: Roar Of The Vampires On Mulholland Dr

This week we’re all over the map as we take a look at the Drafthouse Films/Olive release of the insane ROAR, then we try to analyze Lynch’s Mulholland Dr (out now via Criterion) and finally we love us some vampire ass kicking with James Woods on Twilight Time’s newest horror offering, John Carpenter’s Vampires! Plus, we dive into the sequels of The Return Of The Living Dead (Yuzna4lyfe!).

The Fan Grieving Process

Growing older, one will see the loss of more and more loved ones, whether family or friends. As fans, we also are witness to the loss of beloved entertainers, with more and more impactful ones happening as time goes by. For many of us, films from the 70’s and 80’s were what molded us into the horror fans that we are today. The stars of these films sadly aren’t immortalized at the time of those films heydays, so eventually they too shuffle loose this mortal coil. And unlike in the film FINAL GIRLS, there is no going into the film to save them.

Women In Horror

It’s always been odd to me that a certain group of males feel that horror belongs to them and it’s strictly a guy thing. This, to me, is absolutely ridiculous. For a long time I’ve seen a lot of grown ass men claim that women can’t like horror and don’t belong anywhere in or near the genre unless they are the victim. Well, I have some news. Though males have enjoyed more prominence, women have been in and around the industry for quite some time; and there are a ton of female fans that love this genre and probably love it more that you do.

TBT: Freddy Krueger Merchandise from the 80s

These days, seeing merchandise based on A Nightmare on Elm Street and its iconic villain, Freddy Krueger, is no big deal. People dress up like Freddy every Halloween. Companies such as NECA and Funko have issued successful action figures. And Fright Rags have sold some pretty memorable t-shirts. Freddy Krueger is indeed part of our collective consciousness as much as the likes of Frankenstein and Dracula.

ScreamCast 83: A Demonoid and a Horror Star Walk Into A Bar On A Nightmare Weekend

A demonic hand, a puppet controlled operating system, and a horror icon returning from the grave to kill! We discuss what could be the best triple feature in the history of cinema with Vinegar Syndrome/Exploitation.TV’s releases of Nightmare Weekend, Demonoid and Frightmare! Plus, Stream Screams returns with Ghost In The Machine and Video-OMG features John Stamos firing on all cylinders in Too Young To Die.

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