THE HOMICIDAL HOMEMAKER: An Interview with Kaci Hansen on the Creation of Her Horror-Themed Cooking Show

Are you planning a party for a bunch of your horror-loving pals? How about a date with the Herman (or Lily) Munster in your life? If you need more morbid treats and gross goodies for your special occassion, The Homicidal Homemaker is here to help.

Scream Factory Bringing THE CRUSH to Blu-ray This Summer

Scream Factory closed out this week by dropping another title announcement for another cult classic from the 90s. The label plans on releasing the tawdry 1993 thriller, THE CRUSH, to Blu-ray this summer. This will mark the film’s debut on the format. THE CRUSH stars Alicia Silverstone (CLUELESS) as a teenager who develops an unhealthy- to say the least- obsession with a writer played by Cary Elwes (THE PRINCESS BRIDE). Jennifer Rubin (BAD DREAMS) and Kurtwood Smith (ROBOCOP, THAT 70S SHOW) also star. Extras will be revealed at a later date.

Soska Sisters Set to Remake Cronenberg’s RABID

Variety reported that Canadian filmmaking sisters Jen and Sylvia Soska have been tapped to direct a remake of David Cronenberg’s body horror classic, RABID. The original feature starred porn legend Marilyn Chambers (BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR, INSATIABLE) as a woman who, after being greatly injured in a motorcycle accident and treated in a plastic surgery clinic, develops a orifice under her armpit that houses a penis-like stinger. Whenever she embraces a person, she ends up sucking the victim’s blood. The infected people soon become rabid zombies, spreading the disease and quickly causing an epidemic.

Felt: Because It Is Bitter And Because It Is My Heart

Horror cinema is no longer dominated by those with millions of dollars to blow on special effects and A-list actors. With the advent of digital technology, the industry has been democratized; big-budget movies now have to compete with those artists who want to tell smaller, but no less scary, stories.

Final List of Extras Revealed for “Ssssss”

Last month, we told you Scream Factory would be issuing 1973’s “Sssssss” to Blu-ray. Now we can share with you the final list of extras that will be included on the forthcoming disc.

A*P*E* Coming to Blu-ray- In 3-D!

Talk about bananas. Kino Lorber Studio Classics will be bringing the low-budget American/South Korean giant gorilla flick, A*P*E*, to Blu-ray. Not only that, but it will be in 3-D! Yep, in addition to a 2016 HD tansfer, the Blu will include a restoration of the 3-D presentation. Kino will also issue the movie on DVD, as well. Released the same year as Dino de Laurentiis’ big-budget remake of KING KONG, this quickie cash-in was directed by Paul Leder and stars Rod Arrants, Joanna Kerns and Alex Nicol.

Scream Factory Announces de Palma’s RAISING CAIN for June Release

Fans of Brian de Palma’s 1992 thriller, RAISING CAIN, are going to love this. Scream Factory just announced that they’ll be bringing the film, starring John Lithgow and Lolita Davidovich, to Blu-ray as a Collector’s Edition this Summer.

Extras Revealed for VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED Collector’s Edition from Scream Factory

Scream Factory rolled out the final list of extras for their upcoming Collector’s Edition Blu-ray of John Carpenter’s remake of VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED. The 1995 sci-fi film is set for release on April 12th, and will include the following features:

ScreamCast 95: Digging Up Rocktober Blood With The Sebastians

Brad and Sean wrap up “Heavy Metal Horror Month” as we discuss Rocktober Blood with the writers/directors, Ferd & Beverly Sebastian! They have been out of the Hollywood game for over 20 years, but their films still maintain a cult following. Keep an eye out for more Rocktober Blood news in coming weeks!

The Imaginary Heavy Metal Movie: KISS and THE ELDER

I am a member of the KISS Army. No apologies, no irony, no bullshit. My first memory of the band was at the age of four, seeing them perform on TV’s Solid Gold. I used to be terrified of these guys, especially bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons. I don’t know, maybe it was seeing dudes dressed like that outside the safe confines of a scary movie was what unnerved me.

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