Scream Factory to Release JEEPERS CREEPERS and JEEPERS CREEPERS 2 as Blu-ray Collector’s Editions


For the past four years, Scream Factory has held a very special place in the hearts of horror fans. They’ve given us long-overdue deluxe editions of favorites such as TERROR TRAIN, THE FUNHOUSE, and pretty much anything directed by John Carpenter. And then there are those things we thought we’d never see, like WITHOUT WARNING, every single HALLOWEEN film together in one package, or the Director’s Cut of NIGHTBREED. They’re not perfect, but because of all their hard work in offering the best possible Blu-rays and DVDs of so many fan-favorites and long-lost gems, horror devotees and collectors continue love and appreciate what Scream Factory have done.

But now, that’s put to a real test, as Scream Factory announced two titles yesterday that, no doubt, will be their most controversial releases: JEEPERS CREEPERS and JEEPERS CREEPERS 2. The label will reissue Victor Salva’s films on Blu-ray as separate 2-disc Collector’s Editions on June 14th. Extras will be announced in late April, and pre-order links are up here and here.

The reaction to this news has been immediate and divisive, as the 240+ comments on Scream Factory’s post so far can attest. I have never watched either of the JEEPERS CREEPERS movies (or anything of Victor Salva’s, for that matter). After learning about Salva’s crimes via an episode of Killer P.O.V. a couple of years ago, any curiosity I had about seeing them vanished instantly. I still love Scream Factory. I love their Blu-rays. And I love all their efforts in not only the care they put into their Blu-rays, but also in keeping physical media alive in this increasingly digital day and age. However, these are two releases I will not be buying.

For those who still make the case for the JEEPERS CREEPERS films themselves, or for anyone who may not even know of the controversy (doubtful at this point), I implore you to read this post from our very own BJ Colangelo on the subject:


2 Responses to“Scream Factory to Release JEEPERS CREEPERS and JEEPERS CREEPERS 2 as Blu-ray Collector’s Editions”

  1. Joe Garza
    March 5, 2016 at 7:55 am #

    Victor Saliva is a big fat, homo. He should have called his movie Faghouse.

  2. Dave Marduk
    April 6, 2017 at 2:10 am #

    Victor Saliva should have gotten 20 to life in jail for what he did to that boy. Pedophile piece of shit. I used to enjoy watching Jeepers Creepers 1 & 2 but after knowing what he did , i started to notice those small things in his movies , the perverted bastard lives out his fantasies in his movies. Sick fuck doesn’t deserve to breath.

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