ScreamCast 102: A Show On Sho

This week Brad, Sean and special guest Jay Hawkinson discuss Sho Kosugi’s career with a focus on Arrow’s recent releases of Pray For Death and Rage Of Honor! We also sort through the piles of movies on our doorsteps and dive into the bonkers Ken Russel flick The Lair Of The White Worm.

Claudio Simonetti’s Original Score to Fulci’s CONQUEST Coming to Vinyl!

Lucio Fulci’s CONQUEST, is one of the most bonkers and entertaining out of all the Sword & Sandal flicks to come out of the ’80s. It’s a film I’ve been anxiously awaiting an HD release, but until that happens we can have the rousing original score by Claudio Simonetti in our earholes! For the first time ever, Simonetti’s original score to CONQUEST is coming to vinyl from the good folks over at Rustblade Records!

88 Films Announce FRIDAY FOSTER and More!

88 Films’ Friday announcements keep coming, and (appropriately enough) the highlight of the latest bunch of Blu-ray reveals is FRIDAY FOSTER, the Pam Grier blaxploitation classic from 1975. Directed by Arthur Marks, this one also features a stellar cast that includes Yaphet Kotto (ALIEN, LIVE AND LET DIE), Scatman Crothers (THE SHINING), Carl Weathers (ROCKY), and singer Eartha Kitt (TV’s BATMAN). Extras are still in the works.

ROAD GAMES Blu-ray Details Revealed!

A couple of weeks ago, we told you that Umbrella Entertainment were going to be releasing the 1981 Australian thriller, ROAD GAMES, onto Blu-ray. Now we have some details on this upcoming release.

THE ‘BURBS Finally Comes to U.S. Blu-ray!

Attention, American fans of Joe Dante’s 1989 dark comedy, THE ‘BURBS! The film, starring Tom Hanks, Bruce Dern, Carrie Fisher, and Corey Feldman, will finally be arriving on Blu-ray here in the States! Universal will be releasing it as a Best Buy exclusive on Ma

ScreamCast 101: There’s A Spooky Blair Witch In Your Hallow

This week we discuss Corin Hardy’s THE HALLOW (out now on blu-ray, VOD & Netflix). We also jump into the heavily under-appreciated THE BOOK OF SHADOWS: BLAIR WITCH 2 and unearch the absolutely bonkers 1986 film SPOOKIES!

Vinegar Syndrome to Release THE CANDY TANGERINE MAN and LADY COCOA on Blu-ray in June

We got an early announcement of a release coming from our sponsor, Vinegar Syndrome, to be included in their June line-up. The label will issue a double-feature Blu-ray of two blaxploitation flicks by director Matt Cimber. Film Of The Week: THE BEES

Earlier this year Vinegar Syndrome releases 1978’s THE BEES on a glorious blu-ray. We discussed the film in depth on Episode 96 of the podcast. Those of you who may have passed up on the blu-ray or just want easy access to this bizarre film can now rejoice: THE BEES is now streaming on! […]

DEATH WISH II Special Edition Coming From Shout! Factory! NIGHTHAWKS Release Date Pushed Back

For those rejoicing Shout! Factory’s release of the Chuck Norris/Cannon Films action epic INVASION U.S.A. last month will no doubt be super excited for this one. The label will be releasing a Special Edition Blu-ray of DEATH WISH II, starring Charles Bronson. The 1982 sequel reunites Bronson and original DEATH WISH director Michael Winner (as well as co-star Vincent Gardenia), and features a legendary score by Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. Nastier and sleazier than its predecessor, the film was a massive success for producers Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus, kicking off a barrage of Cannon classics throughout the rest of the 1980s, including 10 TO MIDNIGHT, MISSING IN ACTION, AMERICAN NINJA, KICKBOXER, and THE DELTA FORCE.

88 Films Putting Together Lamberto Bava’s BODY PUZZLE for Blu-ray

88 Films announced another addition to their Italian Collection. They’re prepping a Blu-ray release of the 1992 giallo film, BODY PUZZLE, directed by Lamberto Bava (DEMONS).

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