SLIME CITY and SLIME CITY MASSACRE Coming Soon as a Blu-ray Double Feature!

Gregory Lamberson’s 1989 cult classic, SLIME CITY, as well as his 2010 sequel, SLIME CITY MASSACRE, are oozing onto Blu-ray. reported that the label Camp Motion Pictures will be putting both films out on a double feature Blu for release sometime this winter.

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Scream Factory joins the limited edition direct sale distribution game popularized by Twilight Time with this sword and sorcery double feature. The first two installments of Roger Corman’s Deathstalker series make their high-def debuts in this set which is only available from and is limited to just 1,000 units. Scream Factory is using this release along with four more coming on September 27th (UP FROM THE DEPTHS, MESSAGE FROM SPACE, THE VELVET VAMPIRE, and TIME WALKER) to gauge interest in Blu-ray releases of some of the more obscure titles in their library. If these discs do well, we could see HD upgrades for other films from their now defunct Roger Corman’s Cult Classics line or other titles with less wide appeal than a CARRIE or CHILD’S PLAY.

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Criminally Underrated. 90s Movies That Deserve Another Look, Part 1: Jackie Brown

For my next several contributions to The Screamcast, I’d like to re-evaluate a handful of 90s films that I feel are criminally underrated by critics, genre fans, and average movie-goers alike, and am tired of having to defend to bubble gummers.

Why the 90s? Well, it could be argued, that the 90s were the last truly great decade of film. Another is that the 80s have already been covered to death, and I was actually old enough in the decade following to know a good flick from a bad one. Most importantly, though: enough time has passed now that, if any of these three movies were going to take off in cult fandom circles, they would have. The fact that they have not caught on seems an injustice to me, and this kind of misappropriation of movie reverence will not stand, man.

So, first up…

Jackie Brown

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Good Thing, Where Have You Gone?

Neil Marshall directed three of the best horror films of the 2000s. About halfway through that decade it seemed as though he (along with Alexandre Aja) would be spearheading the charge of that genre into the future (turned out to be James Wan), but then something happened. Rumor has it (I’m starting the rumor right now) Marshall signed a pact with the Devil that allowed him to successfully pursue his passion of making films. In return, those films must all have an element of horror (‘cause, the Devil), must all start with the letter D (ya know, for Devil), and must be released every three years (no clue).

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ScreamCast 113: The Masks and Violent Sh*t Of Reel Gore Releasing

Nico B (Cult Epics) joins us to discuss his new offshoot label Reel Gore Releasing! His first two releases VIOLENT SHIT: THE MOVIE and MASKS are out on blu-ray right now. Brad and Sean also run down what’s arrived on their doorsteps and Josh Obershaw brings us the news, including information on Synapse’s upcoming POPCORN blu-ray!

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