Disc of the Week: CHOPPING MALL

This week Lionsgate finally opens their back catalog and kicks off the Vestron Video Collector’s Series with Blu-rays of CHOPPING MALL and BLOOD DINER. Previously relegated to ancient full frame transfers on DVD multi-packs, these classic horror flicks are introducing a line which promises to honor the cult horror films previously thought locked away in the vault of an uncaring studio. Lionsgate is giving the titles included under the new Vestron banner brand new HD transfers, swanky slipcovers, and loads of extras.

FANTASTIC FEST 2016: Time to get animated with NOVA SEED

As a father of four kids and being a kid at heart myself, I’ve watched animated films my entire life. So it always warms my heart to hear that there are animated films playing festivals and that they are aimed for a more mature crowd. At Fantasia, I was lucky enough to see the Turkish film BAD CAT, and at Fantastic Fest 2016, I had the pleasure of viewing NOVA SEED, a science fiction film from Canada.

FANTASTIC FEST 2016: THE GREASY STRANGLER gets its greasy mitts all over you

I pride myself on watching bizarre cinema. I’m not sure why I do it, but I enjoy things that skirt the edge of sanity and taste. So, when I first heard about THE GREASY STRANGLER, it immediately went on my Need to Watch list. And after watching it, I can clearly say that THE GREASY STRANGLER is one of the weirdest, greasiest films I’ve ever seen.

FANTASTIC FEST 2016 Review: ZOOLOGY, A Coming of Middle-Age Tail

When you have lived life a certain way for so long, sometimes one simple change can upset the applecart. That one catalyst can flip things completely around, causing both chaos and contentment. That’s exactly what happens with lonely Natasha in ZOOLOGY, having it’s US premiere at Fantastic Fest 2016.

Grindhouse Releasing Announces Its Next Deluxe Blu-ray: I DRINK YOUR BLOOD!!

Grindhouse Releasing announced today that they’ll be bringing David E. Durstan’s far out drive-in shocker, I DRINK YOUR BLOOD to Blu-ray! Released in 1971, “It’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD meets the Manson Family in this gore-drenched tale of LSD-crazed hippies who go on a murderous rampage through a small town after consuming rabies-injected meat pies!” The two disc set will not only include the uncensored version of the film, but will also include two additional features: 1964’s I EAT YOUR SKIN (famously paired with I DRINK YOUR BLOOD as a double feature), and Durstan’s X-rated BLUE SEXTET. Release date is set for November 8th.

Blu-ray Review: THE 5,000 FINGERS OF DR. T (1953)

Dr. Seuss wrote a feature length film. For some reason this alluded me until I saw Mill Creek advertise their blu-ray release of THE 5,000 FINGERS OF DR T. Based on the cover alone, I knew there was some potential batshit insanity worth enjoying. Unfortunately, after Dr. Seuss had a nightmare of a time dealing with Columbia Pictures, test audiences and the eventual hacking down of his original vision. He never dealt with feature film again.

Mornings Are For Spoilers and Speculations

Since the proliferation of the Internet and 24 hour news networks, we are finding the ever growing glut of information thrust at us about the media we consume. Long gone are just rumors and set visits being the only way we got sneak peeks into the movies and TV shows we were anticipating. Now, any Joe off the street is able to get a stealthily shot photo online, or a tidbit about a certain actor throwing a fit while on set within minutes. Yes, we are bombarded by this data, but do we need it, or more importantly, do we want it?

Key Art Round-Up: September 22nd, 2016

It’s time for another set of Blu-ray covers for your eyeballs. The one trend I noticed with this set is that a couple of these are sticking to classic key art. While it’s always a delight to see what artist come up with for new key art (one case in point you’ll see in this post), it is nice to see something like Vestron Video keeping the classic box art alive for their Blu-r

I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER Coming to Blu-ray from Scream Factory and IFC Films!

Billy O’Brien’s thriller, I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER, is coming to Blu-ray courtesy of Scream Factory and IFC Films.

Scorpion Releasing Bringing 2K Restoration of THE DEVIL WITHIN HER to Blu-ray!

Scorpion Releasing has another cult title in the works for a Blu-ray release. This time, it’s the 1975 Satanic baby movie, THE DEVIL WITHIN HER, starring Joan Collins (TALES FROM THE CRYPT), Ralph Bates (TASTE THE BLOOD OF DRACULA), Donald Pleasence (HALLOWEEN), and Caroline Munro (MANIAC).

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