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Two Strange Cases of DR. STRANGE Coming to Home Video.



With the next Marvel Studios picture, DOCTOR STRANGE, hitting theaters in November, it’s no surprise older film versions featuring the Sorcerer Supreme would be seeing home video releases in order to capitalize. These are some oddball early examples of superhero film-making for those die-hard comic book film fans and those who are merely curious.

Shout Factory will be unearthing the 1978 TV-movie adaptation of the classic Marvel comic onto DVD on November 1st. DR. STRANGE stars Peter Hooten (ORCA) as the title character. Produced at the same time THE INCREDIBLE HULK and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN became popular shows, the film was “Originally conceived as a backdoor pilot for a proposed television series.” DR. STRANGE will be newly remastered from the original film elements. Shout! Factory have previously released two late 70s TV-movies based on Captain America on DVD, as well as a Blu-ray of Cap’s 1990 feature film.




Coming to Blu-ray from UK’s 88 Films is the 1992 Full Moon Entertainment production, DOCTOR MORDRID. Directed by Albert and Charles Band, the film stars Jeffrey Combs (RE-ANIMATOR) as the titular hero, a “Master of the Unknown.” According to IMDb,

This movie was originally conceived as an adaptation for the Marvel Comics character Dr. Strange, also known as Earth’s Supreme Sorcerer. Somewhere along the way, the rights to the name were lost and the script was re-tooled.

Street date for DOCTOR MORDRID is December 5th.


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