Psycho Cop Returns is Coming To Blu-ray!!!

  “You have the right to remain dead. Anything you say can and will be considered very strange because you’re dead” – Officer Vickers. Adam Rifkin is one of the best directors out there. Rifkin’s films hit a height and weirdness that no one else can catch. With films like Detroit Rock City, The Dark Backward, […]

Screamcast 125: 8 Million Ways To Die Of Murderlust

This week we dissect Intervision’s newest DVD release of Donald M. Jones’ MURDERLUST and PROJECT NIGHTMARE! We also bring back VHS OMG with a discussion on the bonkers 8 MILLION WAYS TO DIE (apparently out on Blu-ray via Kino this summer!). Also, RAIDERS OF ATLANTIS makes its way into our Stream Screams segment and Josh Obershaw brings the Blu-ray release news.

John Carpenter’s The Thing Is Coming To Arrow Video!!!

  Arrow recently posted today: The Thing is coming to Arrow Video! That’s right folks, John Carpenter’s 80’s classic will be joining the Arrow Video line later this year! We are still in the early stages of this release so can’t share any specific info in relation to extras just yet but do make sure […]

Vestron Video News: WISHMASTER Series is Next!

  It looks like PHANTASM is not the only fan-favorite horror franchise getting the collection treatment this Spring. Per, Vestron Video has announced that it will be bringing all four installments of the WISHMASTER series to Blu-ray in one volume. The set is scheduled for release on March 28th, the same day Well Go […]

UPDATED: Oh Boooooooooyyyyyyy! All 5 Phantasm Film Are Coming To Blu-ray!

  UPDATE: According to, Well Go USA has set a March 28th release date for a U.S. box set of all 5 PHANTASM films! You can also pre-order the six-disc set over at Arrow killed it. A Phantasm box set. A Sphere. All 5 film in HD. *dies*   Buy HERE LIMITED EDITION SPECIAL FEATURES […]

ScreamCast 124: All The Sins Of Sodom Bring Death Machines and an Undertaker

The ScreamCast returns with a vengeance! Our first show of 2017 brings in Brandon & James from Vinegar Syndrome to discuss their fantastic growth in 2016, as well as what we can expect for 2017. Josh Obershaw brings us Blu-ray Release News, and Brad & Sean spend some time going over the Vinegar Syndrome December package as well as their special Black Friday Limited Edition releases: The Undertaker, All The Sins Of Sodom and Jack Frost.

Johnny Wadd and On: An Interview With Bob Chinn

Johnny Wadd and On: An Interview With Bob Chinn by: Brad Henderson Bob Chinn is one of the more prolific pornographic filmmakers ever to come onto the porno scene. This isn’t because he created Johnny Wadd and made John Holmes a star, or because he brought Desiree Cousteau to her fame, and it also isn’t […]

That Time Jason Killed Himself

That Time Jason Killed Himself Back in 1989 Jason killed himself. Well, not really, but in Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan he did. Most of the film takes place on a boat but Jason’s rampage continues off the boat and into New York City once it docks into the harbor. As Jason […]

Disc of the Week: CREEPSHOW 2

Disc of the Week for December 13th, 2016 CREEPSHOW 2: Limited Edition (Arrow Video US) Horror anthologies always seem to be in vogue, but in recent years we’ve gotten away from the purity that films in this subgenre were once made with. Now when you see an anthology, chances are each story will be helmed by […]

Underrated Horror Series Part I: If Looks Could Kill, Then Death Would Be My Name

If Looks Could Kill, Then Death Would Be My Name A Retrospective of Bruiser   Between the years 1993 and 2000, Romero was not forgotten, though he was on a unwanted hiatus at that time. In spite of a few box office flops, he didn’t stop trying to get back into the horror scene. During […]

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