While Meth Storm: Arkansas USA sounds like some direct-to-video sequel of a Nick Cage movie, I can assure you that’s not at all what this is.

Meth Storm is a documentary that premiered at SXSW about users, DTF/DEA, and the Mexican Cartel. The cameras roll as DTF agents bust down doors and users that are shooting up on camera. I love drug documentaries but I had no clue what I was getting myself into with this one. The film opens up on a high speed chase and then delves into a family who has been on drugs since their teens. Veronica is our main character in this film and we follow her as she still uses, goes to church, and tries to take care of everyone that surrounds her.

On the other side of the spectrum we have an officer who is dedicated to his job and tells us about the heartbreaks and frustrating side of his work. While they try to clean up the county, more and more drugs are pushed into it and the amount of users increase every day. Along with that the DTF/DEA dealing with issues and defunding from the government and the war on drugs.

The documentary is heartbreaking on all counts and shows us a world that none of us want to be apart of. Veronica’s story is by far the most tragic story as we see her family and her son loose everything to drugs. The county that they live in is incredibly poor and jobs are extremely scarce. Unfortunately, with the hard times in town most of the people deal and do drugs.

Meth Storm yanks hard on your chains because we see a world that we want to see solved or fixed but there just isn’t any way you could. These federal agents risk their lives to trying to stop it and they know there isn’t any end to it, but refuse to give up.

It’s a hard watch and probably very shocking to most if they’ve never done any hardcore drugs in their life. In the doc, you actually see people prepare and shoot up meth multiple times and see how it affects them and their motor skills. While the film seems a little exploitive, it also looks like that’s the message they are trying to convey to everyone that this is a problem and this is what’s happening to many people that live in counties like this.

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