I live for horror films. It doesn’t matter if they are great, mediocre, bad, goofy, or inventive, I’m always on board. I’ve always said watching a terrible horror film is always easier than watching a terrible drama or comedy.

This day and age it’s getting a little easier to make and distribute a film. Just like the wave of home video in the 80s where it was easier to get your film in a store, it’s becoming that way with indie horror films. Every week countless films are being distributed by major, minor, and independent studios. Even when people find it hard to distribute their film, they do it themselves.

That said, for a horror fan, we have endless amounts of horror films to choose from almost on weekly basis. Most of the time, not too many people do something new for the genre. As ballsy as it might sound to say right now, Tragedy Girls is one of the most inventive and refreshing horror films I’ve seen since The Final Girls.

Tragedy Girls is about two girls who are obsessed with death, serial killers, and their online presence. It’s all about Likes, Favs, and RTs for them as they plan to become horror icons and leave quite the legacy behind them. In order to do that, they hunt down their local serial killer, kidnap him, and send their town into disarray. Our two teenage girls Sadie and McKayla want the limelight and want to be popular and will do anything for it. With the serial killer in their hands they have their own diabolical plan. Death and dismemberment follow as Sadie and McKayala fight for their Dhamer/Vorhees status.

From the sound of this right now you may think this is some hokey teenage horror comedy but it’s a movie that knows how to be mean and it’s not afraid to show its teeth. Along with a great and inventive script, it has some killer gore and special effects and the camera doesn’t shy away from any of it.

Tragedy Girls is very reminiscent of Scream and The Final Girls but uses that meta horror element with a different and creative way. It also stays true to our classic horror films with having homages of Halloween, Cannibal Holocaust, and Silence of the Lambs but remains to stand on its own and be completely original.

This films is destined to become a cult classic for sure. For fans of Scream, Detention, The Final Girls, and New Nightmare, Tragedy Girls is 100% for you.

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