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Splatcast #1: The MIRROR MIRROR Legacy

The Splathouse Podcast and The Screamcast bumped uglies and created SplatCAST! We’re hoping to do these episodes a few times a year. This episode chronicles the bizarre trajectory of 1990’s MIRROR MIRROR into a batshit quadrilogy.


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  • Michael-Orian · April 28, 2017

    Holy shit!!! You guys have your own extended universe!!!

    • Sean Duregger · May 2, 2017


  • Blair Regenwetter · May 1, 2017

    … Brad’s leaving ScreamCast?

    • Sean Duregger · May 2, 2017

      LOL! No, this is something special we’ll do every few months.

      • Blair Regenwetter · May 2, 2017

        But at the very beginning of the show someone says that Brad is joining the other cast… was that a joke that I misinterpreted?

        • Sean Duregger · May 4, 2017

          yeah, a joke that landed with a thud. LOL

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