Screamcast 135: Pool Parties & Vinegar Strokes!

Grab the sunblock and gas up the weed whacker…it’s time for a POOL PARTY MASSACRE! Drew Marvick (the man responsible for all this) joins us to discuss his flick which originally had a budget of $11.

Also discussed on the show is the 2001’s VALENTINE and the 1988 made-for-tv slasher EDGE OF THE AX!

Listen to the episode and discover more podcasts over at!

SPOILER ALERT: We loved this flick and would love to see all of you support the hell out of this film. Please go to and grab it ASAP!!

One Response to“Screamcast 135: Pool Parties & Vinegar Strokes!”

  1. Blair Regenwetter
    May 20, 2017 at 10:56 pm #

    I saw “Valentine” when it came out on video… at the time I thought it was OK. It looked pretty but it was another attempt to cash in on the success of “Scream”. The only parts I remember that there was a death in a hot tub, and the ending, and the ending sort of irritated me because the ‘reveal’ was the same as the reveal in a movie I had just watched around the same time, “Alone in the Dark” with Jack Palance and Martin Landau.

    I do see copies of “Valentine” pop up on sale every once in a while, if I find a copy I think I’ll give it another chance.

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