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Screamcast 138: Bring Your Red Mob For Some Sweet Sugar

This episode Sarah Jane (@fookthis) takes a break from her Girl Gang’s #PJPartyMassacre and joins us to discuss a handful of Vinegar Syndrome releases including DOUBLE EXPOSURE, SWEET SUGAR, RED MOB, MALIBU HIGH, THE HEARSE & more! Josh Obershaw also returns with the news and we also make some time for The Back Room.


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  • Blair Regenwetter · July 12, 2017

    Great show, and a big thank you to Josh for letting me know about “Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker” coming out… not just because I want to see it, but because I’ve been trying to find the name of this damn movie for the last 15 years! I could only remember a scene at the beginning (the death of the parents) and a quick check of the trailer on YouTube proves that this is it!

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