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Screamcast 139: Bugs and Black Gloves

Alejandra Gonzalez (@sick_66) & Stephanie Crawford (@scrawfish) join us to talk some Dario Argento! We discuss THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE and PHENOMENA and then attempt to list our Top 5 Argento films.

Arrow Films has recently released a beautiful box set for THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE as well as PHENOMENA (UK Only). Synapse Films has released a gorgeous steelbook edition of PHENOMENA (US Only) as well as a standard case release. All these editions come highly recommended!


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  • Blair Regenwetter · July 24, 2017

    Great show, always nice to hear new voices and new thoughts. Regarding the monkey in “Phenomena”, there was a 5-movie Argento set that had this, and in an interview with Daria Nicolodi she says it happened and the finger was re-attached. Also, Daria is the mother of Dario’s daughters Asia and Anna (who died in 1994, you can see dancing at the end of “Trauma”).

    • Blair Regenwetter · July 24, 2017

      Sorry, forgot to mention the set was from Anchor Bay… had “Phenomena”, “Tenebre”, “Trauma”, “Do You Like Hitchcock” and “The Card Player”.

  • Blair Regenwetter · July 24, 2017

    Also, the more I hear you talk about Twitter, the more I’m glad I don’t use it.

  • bill p · July 26, 2017

    During the news segment, Josh mentions about missing out on TT’s releases of Fright Night. The Eureka UK blu is region free (also includes the documentary “You’re so Cool Brewster.” Great release and can be bought here:

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