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Screamcast 144: The Slayer Is Among The Living In The Backwoods

While Brad is in Austin, TX at Fantastic Fest, BJ Colangelo, Stephanie Crawford and Sean Duregger discuss Arrow Video’s release of The Slayer! We also dive into the Shudder exclusive Among The Living (2014, directed by Inside’s Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo) and a 1988 lost-on-vhs flick Backwoods (aka The Geek)!



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  • Blair Regenwetter · September 26, 2017

    … so, where is the Play button?

    • Sean Duregger · September 26, 2017

      Fixed! Weird.

  • Blair Regenwetter · September 27, 2017

    Thank you! Now I got some questions…

    There’s some kind of audio skip at 34:00 in where Josh names “The Hidden” “Green Slime” and a third movie he’s looking forward to, what was that movie called? Josh also says something about the special features of “Silent Night Deadly Night” at 40:20 that blips over… what does he say?

    59:18 – which was based on Stephen King’s “The Stand”.

    Everything negative people say about “The Slayer” makes me want to see it more… I do like those Italian ‘dream-logic’ horror-type movies and this kind of sounds like one of those.

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