Month: November 2017

Horror Down Under: BOYS IN THE TREES (2016)

Welcome to the 6th edition of Horror Down Under, a column series in which I review horror films from my home country of Australia. The purpose of this column will be that it will act as a showcase for various horror related film projects that have been made Australia in hopes that it will get you interested in checking them out for yourself. I’ll be reviewing a wide range of Aussie horror films of various quality from the excellent to the terrible, the all time classics to the latest releases to the completely forgotten, etc. For this 6th edition, I take a look at the ’90s set Halloween themed fantasy horror/drama BOYS IN THE TREES…

Vinegar Syndrome’s Black Friday Buying Guide (4th Edition)

Each year during Black Friday, Vinegar Syndrome does a huge sale on their catalogue and they always have something up their sleeves. They have killer deals on their back catalogue, Exploitation TV, Limited Edition films, and most of all their monthly packages. Needless to say, there is something in there for any film fanatic. That said, if you are newer to Vinegar Syndrome it can be a little overwhelming because their catalogue grows excessively each year and you can find yourself in a rabbit hole of never ending sleaze. For our veterans, you already know the titles and have ventured out yourselves and dove into many films that were new to you and took a chance on them.


I am a mass media consumer. I need to attend a support group, but instead I listen to podcasts like our trusty ScreamCast that only encourages me to want to consume more. But as a father and husband, I find it harder and harder to fit my media wants in to the monthly budget. Sorry, kids, no braces for you! You’re gonna have to get used to those janky teeth cuz Dad really needed that SUSPIRIA steelbook. Jokes aside, I’ve found a few things that truly help out in obtaining all the movies I desire!