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I am a mass media consumer. I need to attend a support group, but instead I listen to podcasts like our trusty ScreamCast that only encourages me to want to consume more. But as a father and husband, I find it harder and harder to fit my media wants in to the monthly budget. Sorry, kids, no braces for you! You’re gonna have to get used to those janky teeth cuz Dad really needed that SUSPIRIA steelbook. Jokes aside, I’ve found a few things that truly help out in obtaining all the movies I desire!


When it comes to seeing new releases, it’s damn near impossible to get to the theater without dropping $30 for one person. With ticket prices soaring, and the astronomical concession prices, I had almost given up hope on attending the theater regularly again. Then MoviePass came along. Currently $9.95 a month, you are able to see one non-3D film a day as many times as you want in a month. In less than 2 matinee visits, I’ve got my monies worth. While many are skeptical about the monthly price staying so low, the company did just roll out yearly plans for $89.95, which comes out to be $6.95 a month when you divide it out. Jump on this and make sure you see as many Oscar contenders and superhero movies as you can while staying warm this holiday season.

Pop Up Pack

Maybe you don’t like theatres but still want to gather as many films as possible. Brad has reviewed a monthly subscription service called HorrorPack which recently celebrated it’s second year in business. It’s a great way to grow your horror library if you are just getting started. But say that you have a decent library and don’t want to double up on titles? Enter their second product, Pop Up Pack. Much like pop up stores, where you get a brief shot at some good deals you normally don’t find, Pop Up Pack allows you to pick from themed selections, new each week, with most DVDs and Blu-rays at $5. Order as much as you want. And the monthly $5 subscription fee covers shipping for one order (no size limit per order). Price Tracking

Have a few titles that you are craving on Blu-ray but you want the best deal for it? Then check out, sign up for a free account, search for the title, and select Set Price Tracking. You can select a price threshold and when the site detects something below that, you’ll get an email alert. Be fast though as sometimes deals can come and go for highly sought after titles.

Brian Saur @bobfreelander

Former ScreamCast co-host, current Pure Cinema Podcast host, and Danny Peary fanatic, Brian Saur has a keen sense of tracking down deals, and he isn’t afraid to share them with the masses. Brian regularly tweets out deals for films and/or releases that he knows are quality and are at great prices. The best part? His knowledge on the films is vast and he’ll gladly chat with you on Twitter or direct you to the best source of information. Be on the lookout for his holiday gift guides as well!

How do I know these methods work? Because myself and several others use them to expand their film viewing and libraries. Hope that this helps out and don’t forget to share your newfound loot with the hashtag #whatsonyourdoorstep on Twitter and Instagram. Tune in next time for a few ways to affordably support your habit with streaming.


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