I’m a total fanboy of Vinegar Syndrome; there’s no hiding that. Aside from Arrow Films, Vinegar Syndrome releases some of my favorite films of all-time. Not only they release the films I’ve loved for years, but have turned me on (pun intended) to many films that have quickly become favorites of mine.

Each year during Black Friday, Vinegar Syndrome does a huge sale on their catalogue and they always have something up their sleeves. They have killer deals on their back catalogue, Exploitation TV, Limited Edition films, and most of all their monthly packages. Needless to say, there is something in there for any film fanatic. That said, if you are newer to Vinegar Syndrome it can be a little overwhelming because their catalogue grows excessively each year and you can find yourself in a rabbit hole of never ending sleaze. For our veterans, you already know the titles and have ventured out yourselves and dove into many films that were new to you and took a chance on them.

As a host on The ScreamCast, I’ve received numerous questions about their film and to recommend titles for people that love this eccentric side of cinema. So get your money ready and buy the following if you dare.

  • Ice Cream Man (1995) – This film needs no introduction. This was a rental favorite along with Jack Frost back in the day and it’s in finally in HD. Fun Fact: This is directed by Paul Norman who has directed such gems as Sperm Bitches, Bimbo Boys, and Stick It In The Rear 2. However, none of his work is quite like Ice Cream Man.

  • Disconnected (1983) – Vinegar Syndrome recently released the unforgettable horror comedy Psychos In Love and I suggest you pick that up as well. That said, before he made Psychos In Love he made a low budget slasher oddity called Disconnected. You’re not getting Scream with this one but something more along the lines of Murderlust and Satan’s Blade, but fun nonetheless.

  • The Telephone Book (1971) – I’ve been a pioneer of this film since I saw it a year ago or so. This is one the best sexploitation flicks you’ll see and one of the more light-hearted ones from Vinegar Syndrome. Our story follows a sex obsessed girl that falls in love with an obscene phone caller and she wants to find him because she feels that is her true love. A must for any sexploitation fan.

  • Liquid Sky (1982) – This is by far the best restoration Vinegar Syndrome has ever done. Liquid Sky has been in my mind since the first time I saw it back in the 90s on VHS. There’s a lot to take in with this film but I’m glad a lot of people will experience this film for the first time with this restoration. Liquid Sky has suffered from a decent release since it’s initial release and it’s time for people to embrace it. Definitely not for everyone but it will please the weird and arty crowd for sure.

  • Christmas Evil (1980) – With Christmas right around the corner every home needs a copy of Christmas Evil. This is one of the better Christmas horror films because it tackles a little more than just a slice ‘n’ dice slasher like other Xmas slashers. This flick digs a little bit deeper in the human psyche rather than a killer wanting to fill his bloodlust. Plus, this is a favorite of John Waters and he knows his shit.

  • Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls (1978) – There are plenty of sex comedies and this is one of the more true sex comedies of that era. I mean that in the sense that we’ve had numerous films like Screwballs, The Beach Girls, Hardbodies, and countless others, but Bob Chinn stepped in and made this in 1978 which I wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of the stepping stones for sex comedies. Buy this hilarious and raunchy flick that will make you laugh and squirt all over the place.

  • Nightmare Sisters (1988) – Linnea Quigley. Brinke Stevens. Michelle Bauer. What else do you really need to know? Oh, they get possessed and turn into some sex starved demons and kill frat boys…

  • Frightmare (1983) – A real treat for any horror film fan because this film is about horror film fans! A iconic horror film actor is dead and members of a horror film club decide to dig up the recently deceased Conrad Radzoff. Well, as you can probably already tell that, this doesn’t end well for anyone.

  • The Doll Squad (1973) – The best way to sum up Ted Mikels is a cross between Russ Meyer and Andy Sidaris. The Doll Squad is Mikels best film in my opinion and has the right mixture for anyone. With beautiful women who kickass, laughable villians, and one hell of a groovy soundtrack, The Doll Squad is one hell of a perfect movie with something for everyone. Oh yeah, Mission: Killfast isn’t that shabby either just the gender roles are reversed with some badass shootouts and action sequences.

  • The American Dreamer (1971) – Your first choice should be American Dreamer. This documentary explores Dennis Hopper on his journey during the post-production of The Last Movie, his follow up from Easy Rider. There was a lot of pressure on Hopper after his directorial debut and this is an in-depth look at Hopper and his life during that time. Sure, he is probably egging it on a little bit for the cameras but I honestly think it a great character study of someone’s emotions and motivations during such a crucial time of their career.

  • Demon Wind (1990) – This film makes me happy all around. It’s your standard 80s horror film but there is so much charm throughout it. Yeah, it’s a rip-off of Evil Dead but it does so much on its own and becomes something different. This is a movie to watch with a group of friends with some beer and pizza and you’ll enjoy this film to the fullest.

  • My Chauffeur (1986) – Probably not your standard genre that Vinegar Syndrome typically releases but one of the ones that stands out the most. My Chauffeur is cute, funny, and just simply delightful. Highly recommended.

  • Psycho Cop Returns (1993) – In 1989, Wallace Potts made Psycho Cop which I recommend checking out but a few years later Adam Rifkin came over and made a ball to the wall sequel. I know the original film is a little harder to find but if you jump into the sequel, it’s not going to loose you. It’s about a cop who worships Satan killing a bunch of suits in an office while having a bachelor party. It’s sleazy, sweaty, and sexy at times. If you’re a fan of any of those, you’ll dig this for sure.

  • Jack Frost (1997) –  Remember that Michael Keaton bullshit that came out in 1998? Well, fuck that movie. A  serial killer “dies” in some scientific genetic shit and comes back as a killer mutant snowman. Fuck. Yes.

  • The Undertaker (1988) The Undertaker never made it to VHS but had some bootlegs through the years. It briefly made an appearance on DVD from Code Red but it was a shotty release and still under seen due to the exclusivity of the label. Thankfully Vinegar Syndrome has put together the definitive release.

  • Horror House On Highway 5 (1985) – Another rental favorite of mine and still a batshit crazy flick. This is a very passionate and heartfelt production. Sure, it’s goofy and the plot twists are ludicrous but this film has a lot of heart and keeps on giving. Also the interview with Richard Casey is pure solid gold.

  • Raw Force (1982) – Cameron Mitchell and Vic Diaz are in this horror martial arts film with zombies, guns, monks, and one hell of a party scene on a boat that will leave you scratching your head. Raw Force is unlike anything you’ll ever see.

  • Murder Weapon (1989) & Deadly Embrace (1989) – Linnea Quigley again? Yes. Please. David DeCoteau has directed a fuck ton of movies. I’ve never dove into his 1313 or his DTV flicks from 2000 on, but I can speak heavily on behalf of his films from the 80s and 90s. David DeCoteau can do it all. Whether he is making a horror, action, or drama, DeCoteau is always on his game. Murder Weapon and Deadly Embrace is a dip into a crime drama that’s sexy as all get out.

  • Don’t Go Into The Woods (1981) – James Bryan made this cult “classic” in 1981, and it has had many terrible releases. After some botched releases VS has finally given this film the release it deserves. With wonky music, an Ewok as a killer, and some weird black humor this is a must for any fan of slashers.

  • Lust For Freedom (1987) – Please buy this movie. Please. It’s a great Women in Prison film with great moments and dialogue. Please buy this or Vinegar Syndrome will ban me from the porn room.

  • Don’t Answer The Phone (1980) – but you must buy this film! Watch Nicholas Worth give his performance of a life in this weird psuedo-slasher that is terrifying, silly, and just plain ole’ badass. Ask yourself, does it measure up?

  • Night Of The Strangler (1972) – Weird, racist, and sleazy as all get-out, this film is one is a must for anyone that likes psychotronic southern fried horror. This film is for you.

  • A Touch Of Genie (1974) – When I watch a porno from the golden days, I want it to be enjoyable. I want a good (or different) story, good sex, funny (or weird), and I just want to be entertained. A Touch Of Genie does all of these things. Even if you’re one of those “don’t watch Porn” types (yeah right), this is something you might want to check out. It quirky and packs a lot of laughs.

  • Dolemite (1975) – Rudy Ray Moore is Rudy Ray Moore’s biggest fan. That said, Dolemite is a work of art. If you are a bigger fan of Rudy Ray Moore than he is of himself, I suggest checking out Human Tornado, Petey Wheatstraw, and Disco Godfather.

  • Nightmare Weekend (1986) –  “Holy fuck, what the fuck did I just watch?” is probably the most commonly used phrase after a viewer seeing this film for the first time. Plenty of boobs and gratuitous sex, violence, computer horror, and a puppet for a state of the art security system.

  • Madman (1981) – This is the best that Madman has ever looked. That’s saying a lot since Madman Marz is ugly as fuck.