The SOVPOD: Episode One (aka The Arby’s Ep)

On this, the first episode of THE* SOVPOD, we discuss the **first** direct-to-video “film” 1985’s BLOOD CULT, as well as 1988’s THE LAST SLUMBER PARTY.

That’s all pretense though for the sexual tension between Brad and Mike (recording LIVE in New Orleans, LA), the DEMON WIND CULT circle jerks for Arby’s (***official*** sponsor of EPISODE ONE), and solid fucking disses to TRAN5FORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT and Oliver “Punch My Face” Stone.

We gush majestic over police procedurals, title sequences, and perfect junk foods for SHOT ON VIDEO CLASSICS…
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*The T-H-E stands for THE and we are THE SOV POD and we will cover EVERY SHOT ON VIDEO MOVIE EVER MADE

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