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The SOVPOD: Episode Two (aka Slightly Hammered Blondes)

Sophomore slumps are for shot-on-film chumps! The SOV team brings you a BIGGER, BETTER episode than their first! Episode two is, as grandma used to say, “the motherfucking bee knees, ya punk!”

Brad and Mike dive into two seminal classics of SHOT ON VIDEO cinema: David A. Prior’s SLEDGEHAMMER (1983) and James Robert Baker’s BLONDE DEATH (1984)!

On the menu today:
– Complicated threesomes
– Adult food fights
– Incest
– Folk music
– The Magic Kingdom
– Magic cabins
– Arby’s
– Arby’s

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…(and, pssst, if you’re a great detective, like Ted Prior in SLEDGEHAMMER…you’ll find a few new Easter eggs and PODCASTS coming from the SCREAM/SPLAT family)

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Comments · 3

  • Michael-Orian · January 13, 2018

    Does this mean the screamcast is no more? 🙁

  • Sean Duregger · January 13, 2018

    NOPE!!! We return 2/2/18. Some awesome things are on the way. Been preparing some sheeeiiit.

  • Sean Duregger · January 13, 2018

    We are adding a couple side projects to the lineup, plus we are working on something else that I think you’ll really dig.

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