Sean Duregger and Stephanie Crawford are left alone in Screamcast HQ to run the show and they don’t burn the place down! We discuss Dark Tower (1989), The Forsaken (2001) and Gothic (1986). Also, The Homicidal Homemaker stops by to show off some gross looking but tasty treats and John Doolan of You Can’t Sit With Us drops by!

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What’s On Your Doorstep (3:20)

Tragedy Girls
Lords Of Salem
The Box
Victor Crowley
Beyond Skyline

Blu-ray News (42:10)

VHS-OMG: Dark Tower (54:45)

The Homicidal Homemaker (1:09:20)

Stream Screams: The Forsaken ( 1:30:26)

John Doolan: Little Gay Vampires (1:42:48)

Blu-ray review: Gothic (1:57:37)

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