Today we look at January & February packages from Vinegar Syndrome!

Stephanie Crawford joins to discuss the recent “5 Films, 5 Years: Horror And Exploitation” set, Josh Obershaw gives a quick Blu-ray News update then Brandon Upson joins in to discuss some behind-the-scenes shenanigans at Vinegar Syndrome HQ. Rob Hunter subs for Brad to discuss the following flicks: Lucifer’s Women, Fugitive Girls, Penitentiary, Penitentiary II, and Prey. Finally, BJ Colangelo takes you to the Back Room for a lesson in Vintage Adult Entertainment.

5 Movies In 5 Years & Ice Cream Man w/ Stephanie Crawford (1:00)

  • THE MUTHERS: One man exploitation filmmaking machine Cirio Santiago’s high octane and female led action classic, THE MUTHERS, chronicles a dangerous attempt to rescue an inmate from a brutal all-female prison.
  • FLESH & BULLETS: A confusing film from a confusing filmography, Carlos Tobalina’s bizarre 80s updating of STRANGERS ON A TRAIN, features the likes of Yvonne DeCarlo and Cesar Romero acting along side Mai Lin!
  • HANG UP: Unsung auteur, John Hayes’ masterpiece of misery follows the sad life of a lonely vice cop who begins an illicit affair with a beautiful prostitute, only to discover that she’s underage, sending him into a downward spiral of corruption and violence.
  • DUNGEON OF HARROW: This Texas made 16mm obscurity directed by comic artist Pat Boyette is a contemporaneous tribute to early 60s gothic horror films, as a shipwrecked sailor finds himself trapped in a castle populated by bloodthirsty nobility.
  • MURDER ON THE EMERALD SEAS: The directorial debut of Alan Ormsby, this oddball murder murder mystery focuses on a series of mysterious deaths surrounding a beauty patent, promoting the lead detective to go undercover to investigate…in drag!

Grab these from!

Blu-ray News w/ Josh Obershaw (31:00)

Vinegar Syndrome Update w/ Brandon Upson (39:00)

Penitentiary, Penitentiary II, Fugitive Girls, Prey, Lucifer’s Women w/ Rob Hunter (1:03:36)

The Back Room w/ BJ Colangelo ( 1:30:26)


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