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Link To The Second Gate Leads To Mon Mon Mon Monsters

This week it’s crazed orangutans, feral monsters and ill-informed satanic rituals! Sean, Stephanie and Brad dive into 1986’s LINK starring Elizabeth Shue, then we move into the Shudder Exclusive Taiwan film MON MON MON MONSTERS and finish up with Scream Factory’s release of GATE II. Josh Obershaw brings a plethora of blu-ray release news.

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  • Horror Fanboy · May 21, 2018

    The excitement, the almost confessions of murder, the shady DM deals… what is there NOT to love about this podcast?

  • Michael-Orian · May 24, 2018

    Just watched “mon mon mon Monsters” today, it’s actually very clearly spelt out that the two monsters were sisters that vanished and were turned into the creatures via a dark master using voodoo magic and menstrual blood…

    • Sean Duregger · May 28, 2018

      Yeah, I got that pretty quick. Funny we spent so much time discussing that aspect. LOL

  • Blair Regenwetter · May 26, 2018

    Great show!

    49:40 – Re: Groot… original Groot was a monster from pre-superhero comics, could speak English. Current Groot (and it’s species) retconned in 2006, all are limited to “I am Groot” but writers say that you can ‘understand’ what they are saying by their inflection.

    54:25 – Holy smokes, I JUST got my copy of “Sorceress” yesterday!

    1:05:25 – I’ve seen “The Navigator” years ago, I actually thought it was really fun, I should probably pick that up!

    1:09:33 – This why I love listening to this show… hearing someone mention a show I used to like years ago like “Split Second”… my favorite part of the show was the answering machine message while the studio logo is still on the screen. The movie goes downhill from there…

    1:20:00 – what about Inga the chimp from Dario Argento’s “Phenomena”?

    • Sean Duregger · May 28, 2018

      Kicking myself for not mentioning Inga the chimp!

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