Stephanie Crawford and Brad Henderson join Sean Duregger for an epic 3-hour opus! After a ridiculously long “What’s On Your Doorstep” segment, Tom McLoughlin (mime-turned-director of ONE DARK NIGHT and JASON LIVES: FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VI) joins us to discuss his career and Trevor Stevens‘ new film ROCK STEADY ROW. Then, the gang turns to discuss THE LADIES CLUB (1986), GRAVEYARD SHIFT (1990) and Wild Eye’s latest release THE FOREST OF THE LOST SOULS (2018).

Rock Steady Row (2018)

Demented chaos rules this bizarro-world college campus where the reigning gang-frats target a freshman, who dare crosses their path. Trapped between a blaze of twisted “Mad Max” style power games, he shrewdly plays both sides, fueling apocalyptic-sized battles that escalate to ensnare the school Dean who’s coming unglued.

Director: Trevor Stevens

Writer: Bomani J. Story (as Bomani Story)

Stars: Isaac AlismaJordan AllenMarcus Blake

Rock Steady Row is being shown at small screenings and festivals. Find out if it is playing near you by visiting

The Ladies Club (1986)

A support group for rape victims turns the tables when its members decide to exact vigilante-style revenge on sex offenders who are let off by the court system.

Director: Janet Greek (as A.K. Allen)

Writers: Casey Bishop (novel), Betty Black (novel), Fran Lewis Ebeling (screenplay), Paul Mason (screenplay)

Stars: Karen AustinDiana ScarwidChristine Belford

Available on VHS Only, BUT can be found uploaded to YouTube and We’d love to see this restored and release. on Blu-ray.

Stephen King’s Graveyard Shift (1990)

Loosely based on the Stephen King novel, this thriller is about a man working the graveyard shift in a rat-infested textile mill. He begins to find remnants of the bodies of missing workers and discovers that a murderous monster lurks beneath the building.

Director: Ralph S. Singleton

Writers: Stephen King (short story), John Esposito (screenplay)

Stars: David AndrewsKelly WolfStephen Macht

Available on DVD and Streaming in HD.

The Forest Of The Lost Souls (2018)

Two strangers meet in a forest notorious for suicides and decide to learn more about each other. Soon it becomes clear that one of them is there for a much more disturbing reason, and is actually a psychotic killer there to prey upon others and end their sorrow for them.

Director: José Pedro Lopes

Writer: José Pedro Lopes

Stars: Daniela LoveJorge MotaMafalda Banquart

Available via Streaming in HD or on Blu-ray on October 9, 2018.

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