The ScreamCast is a podcast hosted by Sean Duregger, Brad Henderson and BJ Colangelo. It began as a celebration of one of our favorite Horror flick label, Scream Factory. Since then, however, we've moved into celebrating the many other boutique horror labels like Synapse, Vinegar Syndrome, Cult Epics and more.

With special guests, celebrity interviews, top 10 lists and reviews we celebrate all things retro, cult and fringe in horror!

Your Hosts:

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Sean Duregger - Host, Founder, General Jackass

Father of three. Dashing husband. Drinker of whiskey & craft beer. Movie enthusiast. Armchair Philosopher.

Born in the Bay Area, California, Sean found himself plunged into the depths of Nowhere, Iowa at a young age. Frantically forming an escape plan, he found a beautiful Southern California girl and stowed away in her suitcase. Now living in Beautiful Southern California, Sean has been podcasting in various forms for a decade now. For some reason this little podcast about Horror flicks has taken off, even though Sean attempts to sabotage the show each week with lackluster film synopsis’, horrible impersonations, and blatant mispronouncing of names.


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BJ Colangelo - Host, General Badass

BJ Colangelo is a recovering toddler and tiara easing the pain of her glamorous childhood with horror movies, drag queens, musical theatre, professional wrestling and vintage smut. She writes about cinema for numerous publications and considers herself to be the lovechild of Christopher Sarandon in FRIGHT NIGHT and Susan Sarandon in THE HUNGER.





Brad's bio coming soon. Brad Henderson - Host, General Slacker.